The Patient's Role

You may think that health care is the responsibility of doctors, nurses, and hospitals only, but the new model for health care that is being defined by accountable care organizations like OSF HealthCare impacts everyone including patients and families. With the medical landscape changing at a rapid pace, it is important for all parties involved, including patients and families, to be aware of the roles and responsibilities they have.

At OSF HealthCare, we understand the value of well-informed patients and the positive change they can make on the American medical system. That's why we've put together this brief overview of some of the more important responsibilities and facts that every patient or family should be aware of in the modern age of health care.


Patient Talking with Nurse Be Involved
As a patient and health care consumer, it is your responsibility to stay involved, informed, and educated about your health and the care you receive. Don't be afraid to ask your doctor questions about the care you are receiving, make sure you fully understand medication instructions, and, most importantly, follow the medical advice and orders that your doctor gives you.

Be Accountable
As important as it is to stay involved in your health care, it is equally important to be accountable for that care as well. This includes attending all medical appointments and actively participating in your care and treatments.

Be Patient
The United States has one of the most complex medical systems in the world and changing that system will not happen overnight. Improvements and changes will help improve quality and safety of health care for every patient, but it will take time for the overall effects of these changes to make a difference.

Be patient and know that, as an ACO, OSF HealthCare will continue to pursue its Mission to serve all persons with the greatest care and love.

What to Know About the ACO

Fees & Changes
There is no cost to participate in an accountable care organization or ACO. There is no ID card.

Your health benefits do not change. Patients may still see any doctors or health care providers they choose even if those providers are not part of OSF HealthCare or an ACO.

Patients cannot opt out of the ACO program. However, patients may choose not to share their health information with OSF HealthCare.

Your health information will allow OSF to better understand your health history and identify information or services that may be of benefit to you. This information will be shared with your primary care doctor so it can be discussed with you as needed.

Your primary care physician may ask you to participate in programs that can help and benefit you, but it will always be your choice as the patient to participate in these programs or not.

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