Patient Stories

It's one thing to say that we can transform health care and another to actually do it. If you question whether accountable care really works, here are a few people who are living proof of the power of the changes going on in health care today.

Husband & Wife Get New Outlook on Life

Dorie Rossell is more than just a patient care manager to Jack and Kathy Fisher; as Jack calls her, Dorie is his "translator," a trusted advisor and health care sidekick that helps both Jack and Kathy navigate the murky waters of the modern health care system.

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We Had the Technology; He Surpassed the Odds.

After a day at the pool with his son, Ryan, 48-year-old David Rice didn't give much thought to a small headache he was having. What started off as a routine Saturday would quickly be interrupted when David collapsed, his left side struck with paralysis.

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Up-to-Date Care When Time Matters Most

During a routine visit to get her yearly mammogram, a radiologist told Maureen Iverson that she had a calcification in her left breast. From diagnosis to biopsy to surgery and follow-up appointments, OSF St. Joseph caregivers were with Maureen every step of the way.

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Healthier Living

With the help of the OSF Medical Group class, "Journey to Healthier Living," participant Mark Kiefer, an operations manager with Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, has received the motivation and support he needs to exercise regularly, eat right, and live a healthier life.

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Care Manager Focuses on Patient's Goals

It doesn't seem like a health care goal to drive a car or take a vacation, but for one stroke victim, they were everything. With the help of an OSF Patient Care Manager to motivate and guide him, the man got his driver's license back and was able to travel to Florida with his wife.

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Combining Technology with Compassionate Care

Miracles happen every day at OSF Children's Hospital of Illinois and 7-year-old Patrick is living proof. In 2011, he became ill with what his doctor thought was the flu. During his stay at the hospital, Patrick was diagnosed with severe kidney disease and required dialysis.

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Friends Help Healing

For most of us, Thanksgiving is a time for joy and family; for 8-year-old Zanna, it was just another day in the hospital. With the help of Child Life Specialists at OSF Children's Hospital of Illinois, Zanna met Shamus. They quickly became close friends.

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Care Coordination Heals All Aspects of Life

Patient Care Manager Emily Hill was expecting a challenge when it came to Barb's case. Barb had numerous issues with her legs that kept her from walking and Barb's husband was suffering from caregiver fatigue. Emily was able to help them turn things around.

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Coordination of Care Helps Patient Turn Corner

In health care, it's tough to exceed expectations for service, but it does happen. This was the case for a 78-year-old lung cancer patient. She had been unsuccessful in being weaned off her home ventilator until she was referred to Patient Care Manager Diane McNabb.

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