Barb & Emily

Care Coordination Heals All Aspects of Life

Patient Care Manager Emily Hill, RN, BSN, was anticipating a challenging case before she met “Barb” because of her medical history. Barb could no longer walk and had severe lymphedema. Her husband was a wonderful caregiver but was struggling. The stress was taking a toll on both of them.

Emily’s first concern was Barb’s high risk for additional leg complications. The wheelchair Barb had become dependent upon weakened her leg. As a former nurse, Emily knew some patients had seen success with sequential compression devices (SCDs). OSF Home Care Services did not have any available, but an agency in Bloomington did. The agency worked with Emily to present documentation to get full-leg SCDs approved through insurance.

Barb was participating in occupational and physical therapy though OSF Home Care Services and also had private pay CNAs in her home each week. However, Barb’s physical therapist and Patient Care Manager knew home physical therapy would not be approved indefinitely. So, they worked together to get Barb approved for outpatient physical therapy at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria, Illinois, where she continues strengthening her legs and reducing her risk for blood clots.

Barb was doing better, but her husband appeared to have caregiver fatigue. Barb’s physician and Emily asked if more private pay CNA hours could be provided, to allow the husband more time to take care of himself.

Recently, the couple celebrated a major milestone together – they took a vacation. Barb’s physician and Emily taught her husband to massage her legs and provided other tips for preventing blood clots during the car trip. It’s something they never would have thought possible just a few short months ago. Barb and her husband have faith she will continue to make progress.