Maureen Iverson

Up-to-Date Care When Time Matters Most

During a regularly scheduled visit to the OSF St. Joseph Medical Center Mammography Department, Maureen Iverson’s Radiologist, Xiaotian Austin, MD, found a calcification in her left breast. Following review of additional images, Maureen was told a biopsy was needed to determine if the calcification was benign or malignant. Dr. Austin recommended a stereotactic breast biopsy be performed at OSF St. Joseph.

“I was so glad to have the stereotactic option rather than surgery,” Maureen said. “OSF was able to schedule my biopsy right away.” The day of the procedure, Dr. Austin reviewed the process with Maureen and answered all of her questions. “Dr. Austin was really sweet. She explained things in terms my husband and I could easily understand,” Maureen said.

Following the stereotactic biopsy, Maureen met with General Surgeon Katherine Widerborg, MD. Due to the size and location of the malignant calcification, Dr. Widerborg suggested Maureen have a lumpectomy.

Maureen’s surgery was a success, and the following week, she was told all of the margins around the calcification were clear. She was then scheduled for a digital mammogram at the medical center to ensure there were no more calcifications.

“Two of the OSF St. Joseph employees who were with me during my stereotactic biopsy followed up with me at my mammography appointment,” Maureen said. “That was really special. They made sure I was doing fine and that I was getting the best care possible.”

“I’m so thankful OSF had the stereotactic technology,” Maureen said. “The high quality equipment matched the top notch staff. I don’t think I could have received better care anywhere else.”