One Patient's Drive

Patient Care Manager Focuses on Patient's Goals

They don’t seem like health care goals: Drive a car. Take a vacation. But to a gentleman who had recently suffered a stroke, they represented what the stroke took away – his independence and freedom.

These goals were chosen by the patient during his first meeting with a Patient Care Manager. “You have to find out what makes the patient tick and what their hopes and challenges are,” she said. “We’re looking at the whole person, and we’re directing our care around what their goals are. We try to provide the resources to meet those goals.”

The patient’s number one goal was to get his driver’s license back. He also had missed his annual trip to warmer climates with his wife because of his stroke. If he met enough criteria directly related to his health, he could drive again. He could go on that cruise. With those carrots dangled and the Patient Care Manager’s help coordinating, he was moved to act.

Recently, the man got his driver’s license back. His doctor cleared him to travel, so he and his wife took a trip to Florida. In part because of his success, the man’s wife is now enrolled with the Patient Care Manager as well, working on improving her health as a diabetic.

For the Patient Care Manager, there’s comfort in knowing the job is helping people. “I can spend the time I need with my patients,” she said. “It’s really living the Mission – serving with the greatest care and love. I tell everybody, ‘This is my dream job.’”