2013 OSF Supportive Care Annual Report

2013 Annual ReportWhen I was young, my family occasionally would take a road trip. We’d all pile in the car, and drive for days to get somewhere. The road always seemed very long, and it was hard for us kids to sit still.

Every now and then, Mom and Dad would stop, we’d have a snack or picnic lunch, and we would look at the map to see how far we’d already gone. That helped the time go by faster, but it also served to show what we had already done.

OSF HealthCare has been on the supportive care road trip for several years, and the road sometimes seems very long, so it seems fitting that we stop for that snack or lunch, and look to see where we’ve been. Being on this journey day to day, it is hard to see the progress, which is best viewed from a bigger perspective.

This year, we are highlighting the role of the nurse in our palliative care team.

Read and watch the 2013 OSF Supportive Care interactive annual report to learn more about why.

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