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Working as a Marketing Specialist at OSF St. Joseph, two days are never the same for Jamie Peel. However, one constant in Jamie's position is writing. She acts as the hospital's writer, working closely with clinical and non-clinical staff to offer up-to-date and reliable information regarding health trends, hospital updates, and more.

Jamie received her BS in Mass Media from Illinois State University and has a background in broadcast journalism which helps her tell stories for OSF St. Joseph every day.

This author is no longer writing for this blog.

Road Trip Snacks – Healthy & Convenient

It’s summertime. Time for pools, playing outside, and of course, road trips. The staff at our Center for Healthy Lifestyles always hear the questions: What are healthy snacks to take on road trips? How can we eat healthy while traveling? You no longer have to feel worried about eating healthy while you travel. We’ve complied […]

What’s Better? Walking vs. Running

Deciding to be more physically active is always a step in the right direction, and we’re here to help you decide which is better for you: walking or running. There is much debate between walking vs. running, and it truly boils down to your personal preference. Walking Walking can be for everyone. It allows people […]

Full-Term Pregnancy Benefits Mom and Baby

With today‚Äôs fast-paced culture, hospitals are seeing more and more moms who are inducing labor before they are full-term. Some say this issue could be due to lack of knowledge, because studies show only 25 percent of expecting parents know a full-term pregnancy is at least 39 weeks. A full-term pregnancy offers many benefits to […]