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Developing POLST Forms in Illinois

What is a POLST form? The Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) form is an advance directive-like, portable form used in many states across the US. Over a year ago, it was made legal for use in Illinois. The form allows for patients with their doctor’s input to put their end-of-life decisions into medical orders […]

Missing the Link in Caring for the Elderly

In her recent article, Reliable and Sustainable Comprehensive Care or Frail Elderly People in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), geriatrician, Joanne Lynn, MD, Director of the Center for Elder Care and Advanced Illness in Washington, DC is able to articulate the missing link in caring for the elderly in the United States. No […]

Advance Directives, DNR & POLST (Part I)

Power of Attorney for Health Care, Living Will, DNR, POLST, POST, advance directives… these terms can be confusing, but it is important that everyone understands them. Below are some simple definitions of advance directives terminology. Advance Directives An umbrella term for many types of documents that relate to providing future health care decisions for patients. […]

Advance Care Planning Facilitator Shares His Thoughts

For a recent article I was asked to write for an employee newsletter, I shared an interview with one of our advance care planning facilitators, Aaron Vanman, MSW, LCSW. Advance care planning facilitators are formally trained in advance care planning practices and help walk our patients and families through the decision-making process. Aaron’s story provides […]