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Heart attack survivor shatters all stereotypes

Julie Bowald is not your typical heart attack survivor. Active, health-conscious and an overachiever, the vibrant mother of two shatters all stereotypes. Always on the go, Julie regularly worked long hours to build her successful real estate business while raising two teenage daughters with her husband Robert. Then, in May 2016, Julie’s world changed forever. […]

Ottawa man finds relief from hip pain

Chuck Moss, a retired accountant and a lifelong Ottawa resident, was always very active. He’s played a variety of sports throughout his life, including tennis, baseball and softball. But like many athletes, the wear and tear on his joints recently caught up with him. In the fall 2016, Chuck was at his biannual checkup with […]

Helping kids with sickle cell disease live their healthiest lives

Affecting nearly 100,000 Americans*, sickle cell disease (SCD) is an inherited, lifelong red blood cell disorder. Normal red blood cells are round and flow easily through blood vessels, carrying oxygen throughout the body. Someone with SCD produces an abnormal type of hemoglobin in the cells, which causes the red blood cells to take on a […]