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Dr. Robert Sawicki is the Senior Vice President of Supportive Care for OSF HealthCare. He has led efforts to develop and improve care for patients with chronic illnesses and has a special interest in end-of-life care and hospice. He also serves as Medical Director forOSF Hospice - Eastern Region.

Dr. Sawicki received his medical degree from Rush University in Chicago, Illinois, and completed his residency in family medicine in Rockford. He practiced family medicine in Bloomington, Illinois for 20 years before becoming Medical Director for OSF Home Care Services. He was named Senior Vice President of OSF Supportive Care in 2011.

Supporting Loved Ones from a Distance (Part I)

Editor’s Note: The following is taken from the OSF Home Care Messages of Hope booklet, “When You are Far Away From a Loved One.” Because of our lifestyles, our work and many other factors, Americans now live hundreds or thousands of miles away from their families. When someone in our family dies, we may not […]