Cancer Rehabilitation: Enhancing Quality of Life

In recent years, there has been much talk about creating survivorship as a distinct phase of cancer care and providing each patient with a survivorship care plan. At OSF Rehabilitation Services, we are committed to offering the best available survivorship services. “We found compelling evidence that we needed to pursue certification in cancer rehabilitation due to a need in our community,” said Stephanie Dotson, OSF Rehabilitation Services Manager.

In January, OSF began offering the cancer rehabilitation program.

OSF Rehabilitation Services staff at OSF St. Joseph Medical Center and OSF Saint James – John W. Albrecht Medical Center are certified in the latest oncology rehab care. They implemented research-based protocols that have been proven to help cancer survivors optimally heal and function. “We want this program to be the standard of care for all cancer survivors who need it,” Dotson said.

Why Would Patients Need Cancer Rehabilitation?

A cancer diagnosis can be traumatic, and so can life-saving treatments. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery can harm health and cause serious medical problems that interfere with daily function and well-being.

Survivors are commonly plagued with symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, insomnia, memory loss, fear, anxiety and depression. “Enrolling in this rehab program can help survivors return to an acceptable level of function, such as returning to work, participating in social activities or regaining independence at home,” Dotson said.

Who Can Participate in the Cancer Rehabilitation Program?

We serve all survivors in need, whether they are beginning treatment, finished with treatment, or experiencing late effects or unresolved issues from long-ago treatment. Our program is open to everyone no matter the prognosis, cancer stage, or phase of recovery.

Newly diagnosed patients might want to increase their strength and endurance and prevent future medical problems; survivors living with cancer as a chronic disease may come to us for help managing treatment-related conditions; and individuals who are cured or in remission may enroll in our program with the goal of boosting their immune systems, so they can heal as well as possible.

For More Information

Learn more about the cancer rehabilitation program online or call (309) 661-6080.