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7 Simple Tricks to Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution

It’s that time of year again – you’re facing off with your resolution to get back into shape or drop that extra weight you have been determined to lose. With everyday stressors bombarding us, it’s common to fall off the health and wellness bandwagon and never quite make it back on. To help you stay […]

Your Go-To Guide for How to Order Healthy Restaurant Entrees

In an earlier post, I gave a quick step-by-step guide on how to dine out responsibly. This post will focus specifically on choosing healthy entrees at restaurants because the entrée is the choice that can either make or break your calorie budget. Meat When choosing the meat portion of your entrée, be familiar with fatty […]

The Surprising Way People Are Using Cotton Balls to Lose Weight

The “cotton ball diet” has been sweeping social media as a new fad for weight loss. The diet consists of eating cotton balls to fill up your stomach to keep you from feeling hungry. Because there are virtually no calories, many believe this will help them lose weight. The cotton ball diet might seem harmless, […]