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Doctors and Team Care

Colin Solomon, APRN

Colin Solomon, APRN

Because you have options, OSF HealthCare has continued to look for ways to improve your experience, focusing on keeping you healthy and out of the hospital. While a lot of our focus is on innovative technology, one of our main initiatives has a personal touch. We formed teams with our primary care doctors and advanced practice registered nurses to provide better access and coverage for you and your family.

Colin Solomon and Roxanne Strohbeck are the newest advanced practice registered nurses to join a care team at OSF Medical Group – Alton. They practice Family Medicine and have received advanced medical training allowing them to treat patients alongside Dr. Yusuf Mohyuddin and Dr. Michael Klein, respectively.

Roxanne Strohbeck

Roxanne Strohbeck, APRN

Nurse practitioners are considered advanced practice providers (APP), a term that describes advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) and physician assistants (PA), and provide care and treatment while working under the close supervision of a doctor.

These providers have advanced degrees and are trained to approach patient care in a way that supports coordination and collaboration. The teams work together to anticipate the needs of their patients and make sure no aspect of a patient’s health slips through the cracks.

“They perform physical exams, prescribe medications, order tests, educate and make referrals, allowing us to expand care options,” Dr. Klein said. “It’s all about doing what is best for our patients, and advanced practice providers give our patients more options while maintaining a high standard of care.”

What this means for you

male nurse taking female patient's blood pressureWith the help of APPs, OSF HealthCare is expanding options for patients while keeping their care within a single team they know and trust.

“Care teams provide our patients with a team that knows their history. A team they can feel comfortable with,” said Dr. Klein. “Plus, if we aren’t available, the advanced practice providers and the office staff can answer questions and care for the patient, providing greater consistency. The patient will always be with someone that they know rather than an on-call doctor who isn’t familiar with their situation.”

The two teams are examples of how health care is changing. According to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, January set a record of more than 270,000 nurse practitioners (estimated) licensed to practice in the United States. This number higher than the previous estimated 248,000 nurse practitioners in March 2018.

The increase in advanced practice providers is good for patients who benefit from better access and patient-centered services.

“The amount of advanced practice providers continues to grow because nurses have the opportunity to pursue a medical career and make a huge difference in our patients’ lives,” Dr. Mohyuddin said. “Not to mention, many advanced practice providers develop expertise in different areas and manage patients with chronic conditions, enabling us to see more patients.”

Team approach yields results

Dr. Mohyuddin hopes that patients can see the value and benefit of the team approach. For instance, evidence shows that team-based care is effective in improving hypertension control among patients in a cost-effective way.

“The care team model offers patients to be seen in a more timely fashion to have their health care needs addressed. The APRNs work closely with us, especially for acutely ill patients. Most of the time, my schedule is booked for a few months ahead. There are not enough physicians to go around, so the nurse practitioners help fill that void,” said Dr. Mohyuddin.

If you don’t have a primary care provider, ask questions, and do your homework to find a primary care team that’s right for you. The quality of care and the relationships you build will help you get the care that’s best for you and your family.

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