New Initiative for Women in Philanthropy

Women Empowered Logo“Innovate, Inspire, and Invest.” OSF St. Joseph Foundation recently launched Women Empowered, an initiative for women in philanthropy who are passionate about the health care industry and aspire to be ambassadors for women’s health.

Their central goal is to empower women through collaborative efforts to fund and inspire philanthropy within our hospital. These women in philanthropy will truly make an impact on women’s services at OSF St. Joseph Medical Center.

In an effort to ignite funding decisions, women who attended the kick-off reception in May of 2014, were asked to respond to this question: “The one thing I wish we could do for women’s health is ______.”

The Women Empowered members will work towards making these statements a reality through new program initiatives, encouragement for new gifts and services, and personal investments mixed with a sincere passion to promote women’s health. The founding members of Women Empowered were pleased with the attendance in May and are setting big goals for 2015; they hope to have 50 members by January 1.

Barb Quick, a Women Empowered Founding Member and a member of the OSF St. Joseph Foundation Council, explains, “I’ve worked in health care and health insurance. I’m also a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and soon-to-be grandmother. In all of these roles, whether professional or family, I’ve seen firsthand women are the ones making health care decisions for others. But we must also remember to be advocates for ourselves. Women Empowered is our platform to provide input – and dollars – into the types of services and programs we want…for us.

OSF St. Joseph Medical Center is thrilled to welcome this group of passionate women in philanthropy to our hospital, and we encourage interested individuals to get involved.

To join a dedicated group of philanthropic women who are enthusiastic about women’s services, please contact Jennifer Sedbrook, Foundation Executive Director, at (309) 665-4901 or

Last Updated: January 27, 2022