OSF OnCall – See the Difference

OSF OnCall can be utilized by anyone to address medical issues, including eye health

Genie Marshall, of Ottawa, was looking for a quick health care option to bring some relief to her eye symptoms. And she knew she didn’t want to waste a perfectly good Saturday sitting in a waiting room at the local urgent care.

Genie thought it was pink eye. Her eyes were itchy, red and crusty.

“I had pink eye that past April, too,” Genie said. “So I knew when the symptoms started that I just needed to get it treated quickly. I hadn’t had pink eye for 20 years prior to April. Go figure, I would get it twice in one year.”

Genie remembered getting a flyer in the mail about a virtual urgent care service – OSF OnCall. That’s when she decided she would give it a try to save time.

Genie is a current OSF HealthCare patient, but she still could have used OSF OnCall if she wasn’t – the service is available to anyone.

Using OSF OnCall is easy

Genie called the number, provided details about her symptoms and was told a provider would call her back within 15 to 30 minutes. A short time later, the provider called.

“The provider I spoke to was wonderful. It was nice because she wasn’t trying to rush me off the phone. We talked for at least a half hour going over my symptoms and options to provide symptom relief. The provider explained things to me about pink eye that I didn’t know previously. So, it was a thorough examination.”

Following their call, the provider called a prescription in to Genie’s pharmacy for an antibiotic eye drop.

“What I loved most about OSF OnCall was not having to try to fit going to a local urgent care into my schedule on a day off work,” Genie said. “It was so convenient.”

See the difference yourself at OSFOnCall.org today.