Recognizing the Value of Our Nurses

Nurse showing doctor chart

OSF HealthCare recognizes the value of nurses. Nurses interact with patients on a daily basis and offer valuable insights into care and process improvement.

Each member of the nursing staff plays a crucial role in serving patients.

“It makes me feel valued that we, as employees, are sought out for our opinions on ‘front line’ operations as well as on things that could impact the organization financially and within our growth as a system,” said Katie Pennington, a general surgery nurse at OSF St. Joseph Medical Center in Bloomington, Ill. “Our administration recognizes the strengths of each of its team members.”

We Hear You

At OSF HealthCare, employees are referred to as Mission Partners, because each employee’s work is seen as an extension of the Sisters’ Mission to serve. Each nurse is a valued member of the OSF family.

Jennifer Girard, a surgical acute nurse at OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center in Rockford, Ill., said she worked at another local hospital for 11 years and never saw the CEO of the hospital. But at OSF, it’s different. “I can honestly say we all know our CEO, director, chief nursing officer, supervisors, etc.” Jennifer said, “They make an effort to be present and this speaks volumes; they want me to know they are here for me.”

Nursing leaders are an important part of strategic planning at OSF HealthCare. Renell Composto, a manager of patient care in the birthing center at OSF St. Joseph Medical Center, said, “I feel the administration trusts the changes and direction I have implemented. I have a voice in the decisions that affect my department.”

We Value You

OSF HealthCare is currently hiring nurses who will bring value and insight to the organization. Join the OSF family and be heard.

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