Lactation nurse, Polly Kocher, providing tele-breastfeeding services

Tele-breastfeeding gives moms advice from home

Even something as natural as breastfeeding your baby doesn’t always come naturally.

When new moms have questions, the experts at the OSF Saint Francis Breastfeeding Resource Center have answers. And thanks to new tele-breastfeeding technology, getting the answers you need is more convenient than ever.

Consultations available in person, bedside or by phone

Alaine Robinson and familyAlaine Robinson was home with her newborn daughter, Emery, whose tendency to fall asleep while eating was causing a lot discomfort for Alaine.

“I was so engorged I was nauseated. It was painful. I didn’t know what to do, and I was scared because I was wondering ‘Is it too early for me to pump? Should I wait to pump? Should I even be pumping?’” Alaine said. “That’s when I reached out to the resource center.”

She was able to schedule a tele-breastfeeding consultation. She used her laptop to video chat with a consultant in Peoria from the comfort of her home in Washington.

Lactation consultations are available at the resource center, at your bedside after delivery at OSF Saint Francis and over the phone.

With the addition of the televideo option, moms and consultants are better able to not just talk through the problem, but see one another through a private, secure connection.

Tele-breastfeeding: creating a sense of comfort

“When you’re a first time mom, you’re kind of nervous. You don’t really know what symptoms you’re feeling, if you’re supposed to be feeling them. She explains it to where you’re able to understand. She doesn’t make it feel awkward,” Alaine said. “I felt as though I could explain all of the symptoms whether they were PG or R rated.”

Creating a sense of comfort is always a goal when lead lactation consultant Polly Kocher works with a breastfeeding mother. She lets the woman lead the conversation. After all, Polly may be the breastfeeding expert, but parents know what works best for their child.

“Ultimately, they have to learn how to make decisions for their baby,” Polly said. “It doesn’t help for them to leave and say, ‘Wow, that lady knows a lot about breastfeeding.’ We want them to leave and say, ‘I know how to take care of this baby.’”

For more information or to schedule a tele-breastfeeding session, contact the OSF Breastfeeding Resource Center at (309) 683-6672.

Last Updated: May 20, 2019

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