The Future of Cancer Care The Future of Cancer Care

The Future of Cancer Care

OSF HealthCare and our cancer care team are leading the way to healing with innovative technology, treatments, clinical trials and research that saves lives.

Tour the New OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute

OSF will become a leader in world-class cancer care, expanding our network of physicians and supportive care services while serving as a renowned hub for research and training. Our goal is to achieve National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation, the gold standard for the nation’s top cancer centers. Take a virtual tour to experience what OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute will offer.

Proton Beam Therapy

With innovative treatment options such as proton beam therapy, OSF and Peoria will be a destination for those in need of advanced cancer care.

The OSF Cancer Institute will be among fewer than 40 cancer centers in the country with proton beam therapy and only the second in Illinois.

Proton beam therapy:

Is used for many types of cancers and is more effective and safer than standard radiation

Causes fewer short- and long-term side effects, resulting in a better quality of life

Provides life-saving treatment for the most hard-to-reach tumors

Allows cancer experts to pinpoint exactly where to place the radiation

Minimizes damage to surrounding tissue and organs

Reduces the risk of the cancer recurring

Through our commitment, we will provide access to advancements in treatment that will enable those needing cancer care to stay close to home with the love and support they need.

Thanks to generous philanthropy, the new OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute on the campus of OSF HealthCare Saint Francis Medical Center will open in Peoria in early 2024. It will be a place of hope, healing, promise and possibilities – not just for tomorrow, but for all the new days to follow.

Understanding Your Cancer Risk

Your style of living, habits and family history all play a role in your cancer risk. The first step to preventing cancer is understanding your risk. Take one of our cancer risk assessments and discuss the results with your primary care provider. If you need a provider, search for one near you here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The new OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute in Peoria will become the central hub and greatest resource for the 15 OSF hospitals and five cancer centers serving communities across the state of Illinois. It will also be home to Illinois CancerCare’s 15th clinic serving patients living throughout Central Illinois.

For our patients, expanded resources bring immeasurable advantages. With advanced technology available within the OSF health care system, patients will no longer have to travel outside of the OSF network to receive life-saving treatment, including proton beam and FLASH therapy. It will provide increased access within the OSF system. Our medical teams to stay in constant communication with one another, assuring our patients get the best possible care and support.

Through the Advanced Imaging and Modeling (AIM) Lab at Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center, we can apply virtual reality (VR) and 3D technology to surgical planning, impacting both medical education and surgical oncology. Nearly 50% of oncology cases viewed in VR result in a change to surgical planning thanks to this technology.

Children are our most valuable natural resource in life — they are the future. As unique individuals, their cancer diagnoses can be unique, too. They may face risks from cancer treatments that adults necessarily do not, including developmental delays, bone growth impairments and hormone deficiencies.

With proton beam therapy, we can treat pediatric cancers better than ever before. Through this revolutionary form of radiation therapy, we will deliver doses directly to the tumor, eliminating unnecessary damage to surrounding healthy tissues and organs. This will give our children the chance to make the most of their precious lives.