Innovation is the catalyst to transforming health care. Since the beginning, the Sisters have been unafraid of taking on the hardest challenges to provide care to all those who needed it. They've shared their compassion and humility with the communities we serve. And today, they embrace innovation and continue their commitment to excellence by not only sharing emerging technological and scientific advances across the Ministry, but creating value for the people we serve by offering easily accessible, high-quality, affordable health care.

In 1877, a group of Franciscan Sisters came to the United States from Germany and began providing much-needed health care to the Peoria community. They quickly learned to be innovative in order to do more with less for their patients. That innovative spirit never waned, and led to many firsts for the Sisters - the first "Life Flight" of a premature infant, the idea to warm a newborn by using steam heat as an incubator, and of course, the development of what we know today as OSF HealthCare, an integrated health system with 11 hospitals, two nursing colleges and over 1,100 physicians and advanced practitioners.

Today, The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis provide compassionate and innovative care to nearly three million people in Illinois and Michigan. OSF HealthCare offers traditional care and telehealth options, including OSF OnCall, eICU and various innovative apps. They're all about providing care where you are to improve outcomes, lower costs and put you at the center of your care.

We're developing a number of ways to empower our patients to care for themselves more effectively through avenues like virtual care or at-home diagnostics. We are focusing on building communities that foster health care beyond the hospital, making a healthy community everyone's priority.

We're partnering with companies that have developed innovative digital technologies that encourage patients to be fully invested in their own care. We want to personalize health care for our patients and become equal partners with them to best meet their health care needs.

Our OSF Innovation team is working to implement new health solutions that will help improve outcomes and allow patients to take ownership of their care. OSF has defined four areas that encompass all of our innovation efforts. These areas guide are investments and activities in innovation.

Advancing Simulation

OSF Innovation, through Jump Simulation and the University of Illinois, is expanding the use of simulation beyond the training and development of our clinicians to design and test health care solutions. Our access to subject matter experts in engineering, research, data collection and analytics, design and investments is a unique offering in the health care simulation space and allows us to quickly bring new ideas from concept to reality, ensuring better care for all.

More for Those with Less

Core to the Mission of OSF, we want to remove barriers to health care for disadvantaged individuals by partnering with organizations outside of the industry and working with the communities we serve to find effective solutions. It involves working with civic leaders, local food banks, homeless shelters, housing authorities and government entities to change current behaviors and create new futures.

Aging in Place

We are deploying innovative minds from different disciplines within OSF Innovation to identify health care options that provide older adults the opportunity to age gracefully at home and be contributors to society. It's our goal to develop or seek innovative solutions that will transform how care is delivered, empowering everyone as they age to make the right choices for themselves and their families.

Radical Access to Care

An expected shortage of physicians across the U.S. requires thinking differently about how we, as a health care system, deploy health and wellness programs. We're developing a number of ways to empower our patients to care for themselves more effectively, such as virtual care or at-home diagnostics. Our work on innovative care in rural communities is leading the nation in new approaches. Radical access innovation also focuses on building communities that foster health care beyond the hospital, making a healthy community everyone's priority.


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