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Involvement in school activities such as sports, band, dance or student council often become your child's fondest memories of school. But ultimately, isn't keeping them safe and healthy what matters most?

Our team is here to support your team. We invite you to discover how OSF HealthCare is bringing wellness and education to area students where they are the most – school. While we're at it, we're hoping to bring you a bit of peace of mind as well.

This Month's Feature

Sports Physicals

OSF HealthCare teams up with area schools to provide on-site clinics

The OSF HealthCare team offers sports physicals to student athletes at schools in Ottawa, Streator, Mendota and Earlville. The money raised is donated back to the respective school’s Athletic Department or Booster Club.

“OSF HealthCare recognizes the need to look at the delivery of health care in a new and innovative way,” said Don Damron, vice president of Ambulatory Services at OSF HealthCare Saint Elizabeth Medical Center. “As an anchor organization in the community, the high schools provide many opportunities for area youth and their families.”

Learn more about OSF HealthCare sports physicals and other community initiatives for healthy students below.

Community Outreach

Just like you, we want kids and teens to have the support they need to live healthy lives. And caring for them doesn’t begin in the health care setting. It starts with prevention. From concussion care to school and sports physicals, OSF HealthCare prides itself on its programs to protect and care for the youth of LaSalle County.

Athletic Training

Proud training partner for Ottawa and Streator high school athletics

Our athletic trainers focus on the prevention, examination, diagnosis and treatment of sports-related injuries at various practices and games throughout the school year.

Together, they care for our local students and community through the following athletic training services:

  • Training regimens
  • Weight schedules
  • Stretching
  • Taping/wrapping of joints as necessary
  • Physical therapy, per a doctor’s recommendation
  • Nutritional guidelines

Benefits of our program include:

  • Medical access onsite
  • Referrals to providers according to the needs of the injury
  • Cost savings to parents/students by performing rehab onsite
  • Frees up urgent cares with sports-related injuries to provide more availability for other illnesses/injuries
Athletic Trainer with Streator Township High School football player

Concussion Care

Educating students on how to identify and prevent concussions

A concussion is an injury to the brain caused by a blow to the head, or by striking the head on another object.

Education about how to prevent and detect concussion was offered last year at OSF HealthCare Center for Health – Streator to parents of the youth sports community.

In 2017, Drs. Tariq Khan and Ryan Tremb - OSF HealthCare primary care providers in Streator and Ottawa - completed special training offered by Jenna Ford, APN, with OSF HealthCare Illinois Neurological Institute.

Specializing in the treatment of concussions in children and teenagers, Jenna (shown in the accompanying video) offered the providers instruction on how to properly care for athletes with concussions. Drs. Khan and Tremb work with OSF athletic trainers to treat and support athletes with concussions before they return to play.

Emergency Training & Drills

Training students and staff to be ready for emergencies

The Ottawa Township High School (OTHS) faculty and staff have been diligent in creating a thorough event-readiness model, enhancing their efforts with local municipalities.

OSF HealthCare partnered with OTHS in the summer of 2017 to help a member of the athletic department become certified in Basic Life Support (BLS) instruction. That athletic trainer was then able to train other faculty internally.

BLS instruction covers:

  • Scene safety and assessment
  • AED operation
  • CPR
  • Airway management
  • First aid methods

OSF HealthCare continues to look for opportunities to partner with OTHS and other schools for enhanced readiness within the community.

Training with a CPR Dummy

Orthopedic Clinics

Providing convenient access to quality providers

OSF HealthCare has three orthopedic locations throughout LaSalle County for your convenience. From complex fractures to sports medicine, our expert providers offer comprehensive, compassionate care for all of your students’ orthopedic needs.

Student athletes who acquire a weekend injury can gain quick access the following Monday or Tuesday for a follow-up exam with one of our orthopedic providers. Our OSF athletic trainers coordinate care with their team to create an individualized treatment plan for your athlete according to the severity and type of injury.

Find an Orthopedic Clinic Near You

Orthopedic providers in front of wooded background

School & Sports Physicals

Protecting area youth and giving back to the community

A total of 234 students have taken advantage of the walk-in sports physical clinics held the past two years at Ottawa and Streator Township High Schools. OSF HealthCare has donated nearly $6,000 back to the schools since beginning the partnership in 2016.

New this year, OSF HealthCare is offering the sports physicals to Mendota and Earlville High Schools, in addition to those in Ottawa and Streator. For each physical, a $25 fee will be collected with 100 percent of the proceeds being donated back to the schools.

A sports physical includes:

  • Height/weight check
  • Vital signs
  • Eye exam
  • Medical history and physical exam, including cardiac risk assessment
  • Educational information:
    1. Healthy living for teen athletes
    2. Hydration and nutrition for young adults
    3. Exercise and nutrition for healthy bones
  • Concussion screenings in conjunction with school athletic department
  • Introduction to athletic trainers

Please note: sports physicals do not meet the requirements for a school physical. Parents should contact their child’s OSF HealthCare primary care provider to schedule a school physical if immunization records are required.

Provider handing water bottle to student in Mendota High School gym