Community Advisory Board

As ambassadors for Children's Hospital of Illinois, members of the Community Advisory Board lead, act and advocate for the hospital, sharing its role and mission with their respective communities. They also advise the hospital and make important contributions to its fundraising programs.

2019-2020 CHOI Community Advisory Board

Front row:  Brian Ray, Dr. Melissa Stigall, Bob Woolsey, Sister Judith Ann, Sue Portscheller, Theresa Murphy, Dr. Pedro de Alarcon, Patti Bash, Mike Wells, Melody Berry, Rich Draeger
2nd row:  Dr. Chuck Aprahamian, Mitch Gilfillan, Peter Wong, Dr. Kay Saving, Christine Zak-Edmonds, John Drury, Sherneka Cagle, Brian Gruber, Dr. Rick Pearl
3rd row: Diana Hampton, Dr. Steve Bash, Michael Weber, Jeff Kolbus, Jay Harms, Jayme Bailey, Jim Stowell, John Ginder
Not pictured: Bob Anderson, Vicki Bahr, Terry Best, Andrea Bjorkman, Tom Bluth, John Burklund, Paul Dubravec, Kevin Harlan, Bob Hoerr, Gennifer Jeffries, Linda Kepple, Scott Klaus, Darin LaHood, Raymond LaHood, Rex Linder, Karen Magers, Dan O’Brien, Rev. Tony Pierce, John Riley, Tara Rossman, Dr. Sara Rusch, Dr. Jeff Ruskusky, Tim Saurs, Jana Stevens, Jamie Van Buskirk, Mary Ellen Van Buskirk, Bill Wills, and Jan Wright.

Guiding Principles

Community Involvement | Alexis Bass - drawing Our caring team of nurses, doctors, therapists, social workers, support personnel and child life specialists address the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the pediatric patient based on these three principles:

  • Children are unique and have special needs.
  • A child's illness impacts the entire family.
  • Childhood illness interferes with normal childhood growth and development.

These principles are guided by the OSF HealthCare Mission, "In the spirit of Christ and the example of Francis of Assisi, the Mission of OSF Healthcare is to serve persons with the greatest care and love in a community that celebrates the gift of life."

Board Representatives

Our thanks to these individuals who share their time and talents with us:

2019-2020 Officers
Bob Woolsey, Chair
Jayme Bailey, Vice Chair
Melody Berry, Secretary
Honorary Board Members, Ex-Officio, & Staff Members
Anderson, Bob
Aprahamian, Chuck
Bare-Kemper, Christine
Bash, Patricia
Bash, Steve
Berry, Melody
de Alarcon, Pedro
Dubravec, Paul
Hampton, Diana
Harms, Jay
Hoerr, Bob
Kepple, Linda
Klaus, Scott
Kolbus, Jeff
LaHood, Darin
LaHood, Raymond
Linder, Rex
Magers, Karen
Murphy, Theresa
O’Brien, Dan
Paul, Amy
Pearl, Richard
Portscheller, Sue
Riley, John
Rusch, Sarah
Saurs, Timothy
Saving, Kay
Thome, Jim
Van Buskirk, Jamie
Van Buskirk, Mary Ellen
Welch, Julie
Wells, Mike
Wills, Bill
Zallek, Sarah
Zak-Edmonds, Christine


Board Members
Bahr, Vicki
Bailey, Jayme
Best, Theresa
Bjorkman, Andrea
Bluth, Tom
Burklund, Jon
Cagle, Sherneka
Draeger, Rich 
Gilfillan, Mitch
Ginder, John
Gruber, Brian
Harlan, Kevin
Jeffries, Gennifer
Pierce, Tony
Ray, Brian
Rossman, Tara
Ruskusky, Jeff 
Sister Judith Ann, O.S.F.
Stevens, Jana
Stigall, Melissa 
Weber, Michael
Wong, Peter
Woolsey, Robert 
Wright, Jan