Quality & Safety

OSF HealthCare Children’s Hospital of Illinois is committed to improving care for our patients; we regularly measure and examine the quality and safety of our care so that we can keep working to improve the services we provide to our patients and families. Looking at these outcomes of care helps us celebrate our successes—but more importantly, it helps us identify areas where we need to focus our efforts to improve the care we deliver. 

Pediatric medication safety, prevention of falls, security of pediatric inpatients, reducing hospital-acquired infections, and identifying early warning signs of critical illness are a few examples of the ongoing quality and safety work at Children’s Hospital of Illinois.

Despite these ongoing improvements in the outcomes and experiences of our patients and families, we know that the journey toward perfect care is never over; Children’s Hospital of Illinois continues to work on the efficiency and reliability of our care processes. In addition to working with national and international groups that are on the same journey of improving the safety and quality of care and following recommendations and care guidelines supported by organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and The Joint Commission, one of the most important ways we learn about the quality, safety, and efficiency of our care is through the feedback we get from our patients and their families. We use all of this information to transform the way we deliver care, from the board room to the bedside.

Clinical Indicators

Quality is measured in many different ways. While there are not many pediatric measures that are required to be publicly reported, the links below will give you basic information and some comparisons on quality measures.