Referring Providers

Almost Home Kids accepts referrals from local, national and international children’s medical centers.

For referrals to Almost Home Kids, please contact Jennifer Lambert at (309) 573-0714.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Children, under age 22, must be medically complex, fragile and/or have a medical condition that requires care to be delivered by a nurse or trained parent/caregiver and may be technology dependent.
    • The term medically fragile/complex describes a child who may require a particular device to compensate for the use of bodily function and who must be constantly assessed, monitored and have the necessary health care readily available to avert death or further disability.
  • A child who is medically fragile will be considered clinically stable for admission when the home-care plan is established and no significant changes are anticipated.
  • The child, by diagnosis or history, is not considered injurious to themselves or others. The child must be able to be safely cared for in the physical and medical environment provided at Almost Home Kids by the available staff and equipment. All equipment coming to Almost Home Kids from the home environment will have been inspected annually and labeled by the durable medical equipment provider or designee.
  • The child must be clinically stable and not require continuous one-on-one supervision or intensive-care-unit-level care. Eligibility requirements include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Nebulizer treatments no more frequently than every two hours 
    • Supplemental oxygen requirement must be less than 40% FiO2
    • Hyperalimentation must not require daily adjustments
    • Pressor medications must not require adjustments
  • Almost Home Kids will not discriminate on admission due to race, religion, diagnosis or source of payment.

Additional Eligibility Criteria for Transitional Care Program

(In addition to the above criteria)

  • The child has special health care needs that require private-duty nursing care or continuous medical monitoring.
  • Parents/caregivers are in need of additional education, training and clinical support and/or home modifications are being done in the home, and the child is not able to reside there.
  • The child must be determined clinically stable by Almost Home Kids staff during a site visit. Each case will be reviewed by the administrative staff and medical director prior to admission.
  • The child with a new tracheostomy must be stable and have the first trach change done in the hospital setting prior to transfer to Almost Home Kids.
  • Immunizations and flu vaccines must be current.
    • If the child is currently being treated for a bacterial infection, they must be on antibiotics and afebrile 48 hours prior to transfer.
    • If intravenous therapy is required, a peripherally inserted central catheter line, central line or Port-a-Cath must be in place and functional for administration.
    • The child must have a stable nutrition regiment.