Touring the Heart with Virtual Reality


Virtual reality technology developed by Jump Simulation , a part of OSF Innovation , allows our surgeons the opportunity to explore inside the heart of a patient to better understand its structure and how to repair any defects. The technology also is available for use by some patients, particularly those who have had a certain diagnosis and already have had the necessary imaging that would be compatible with the virtual reality application.

The patient or parent wears a headset and are taken on a guided tour with audio and visuals. They can walk through the heart and use wand technology to look at the heart’s structure. The virtual reality is set up in the clinic where patients go for their pre-operative visits at the Congenital Heart Center. This new technology provides them a greater understanding of the heart defects and what the surgeons at the Congenital Heart Center will be doing to repair them. Surgeons also use this technology to better prepare for surgeries.

The technology offers a leap of understanding for the patient and their families. It takes things from being explained verbally and through the use of static pictures to providing a 3D understanding of their heart defect.