About Us

The employer's self-funded health plan receives the benefit of access to a large number of quality health care providers and reduced health care expenses, improving the company's bottom line. OSF is your partner in health care.

When you choose OSF Direct Access Network, you get:

  • access to a comprehensive network of quality providers
  • competitive rates to lower health care costs incurred by plan members
  • participating online provider directory
  • customized wellness services from participating providers
  • urgent care centers, outpatient surgical centers, diagnostic testing centers, behavioral health, addiction recovery centers, and more!


Through DAN, OSF HealthCare provides members with a stable and distinguished network of hospitals and independently owned surgical centers.

Members also find access to physicians, mid-level professionals, and ancillary providers who meet strict credentialing standards. This is all part of the Mission of OSF HealthCare.


Participating DAN providers gain access to patients through the members of the benefit plans that have chosen not to go through a health insurance carrier.  Providers also enjoy the benefits of dealing with local representatives.

Employers & TPAs

OSF works closely with employers, brokers, and third party administrators by submitting up-to-date provider information through personal contact, electronic communication, and monthly downloads. This helps to ensure accurate information is used for your plan administration and claims processing.

Network Hospitals

Over 20 participating DAN hospitals are located throughout the 31-county service area in Illinois.  These hospitals offer high quality care at reduced rates through their DAN network services agreement. The majority of these hospitals are accredited through the Joint Commission as well.

The following is a list of participating hospitals and medical centers in the OSF Direct Access Network (DAN).  Members will maximize their health care benefits by receiving hospital-based care at one of these facilities.