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Webinar - Navigating OSF and How "Employer Relations" Can Help

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3 Part Series - Taking care of yourself, so you can take care of others

  • Part 1 - Mental Wellbeing 

  • Part 1

    Speakers: Henry Martin Del Campo, M.D., Director of OSF Health Management and Jenna Boyd, OSF Behavioral Health Navigator 

    This session will help you:

    • Understand your own abilities
    • Review coping strategies and identify resources
    • Identify activities that reduce burnout
    • Create habits that can promote resiliency and wellbeing
    • Create a plan to promote positive changes in your life
  • Part 2 - OSF OnCall Virtual Urgent Care

  • Part 2

    Speakers: Kate Barth, VP of On Demand Services and Alaine Robinson, Director Operational Effectiveness of On Demand Services

    Topics covered during this session:

    • About us
    • Pandemic's effect on health care landscape
    • Importance of Digital Access & Patient Experience
    • How can digital health benefit your covered lives?
  • Part 3 - Physical Wellbeing  

  • Part 3

    Speakers: Erin Kennedy, MS and Abraham Kocheril, M.D., Cardiologist

    Discussions on Keeping Yourself and Others Healthy: 

    • Reducing health care costs
    • Reducing absenteeism
    • Increasing employee productivity and engagement
    • Increasing retention rates
    • Improving employee morale
    • Attracting new employees


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