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TacMed team TacMed Essentials is an organization of instructors who are dedicated to sharing their experience with others in order to help ensure that public safety professionals and medical personnel are more capable of providing close-up emergency medical care rendering assistance to law enforcement and military special operations teams.

Medical support directly contributes to mission success. The organization is dedicated to increasing the number of "TMPs" throughout the world. These courses are founded and supported by the authors of the new textbook "Tactical Medicine Essentials", (Jones and Bartlett Learning, Inc) which has over 120 expert contributors from throughout the world (civilian and military experts).

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  • Complete Education Course Application with all specific course requirements as indicated on the course application.
  • Appropriate course fee paid prior to start date of class.
  • Current Healthcare Provider CPR Certification

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OSF Northern Region EMS offers TacMed Essentials throughout the year at various locations. These classes are offered at our agencies locations upon request. Please click the button below if you are interested in hosting or attending a class.

* TacMed Courses are currently unavailable.

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