PAEMS-decontamination-truck Good teamwork is essential to our success. By sharing our skills and cooperating across disciplines, we continue to work towards a shared purpose by accomplishing common goals. 

The Framework

We serve a nine-county radius in central Illinois and one of the largest and most diverse areas in the Midwest. We have over 1600 dedicated, skilled and courageous providers from over 75 agencies, including paramedics, firefighters, police, dispatchers, EMTs and first responders. 

Not only do thousands of people dial 911 every day, but we must also prepare for the inevitable natural and human disasters, both large and small. The people of our communities are counting on us to respond quickly and appropriately to all levels of medical emergencies.

Our Team

  • Dr. Nicholas Reinhart – Medical Director and EMS Council Chair 
  • Maggi Thomas – Regional Manager of EMS and Emergency Management (Team Lead)
  • Ryan Lange – EMS Educator
  • Andy Larsen – Manager of EMS and Emergency Management
  • Bob Holloway – Director, PRO Ambulance 
  • Troy Erbentraut – Manager, Disaster Management
  • Jennifer Wilkes – Outreach Coordinator, OSF Life Flight
  • Kurt Bloomstrand – Medical Director Emergency Medical Services

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