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However you measure your best, you need your muscles, joints and all-around fitness to be as game as you are. With sports medicine at OSF HealthCare, get the care you need today to be great.

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Introducing sports medicine

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Whether you're planning to make the hall of fame, hoping to hit your favorite hiking trail, or just want to keep up with your grandchildren, the expertise that helps elite athletes stay on top can help anyone who doesn't want injuries to slow them down.

Meet Keirsten Smith, MD

Dr. Smith, a Michigan native, has the professional and personal experience that matters. She understands the physical demands of being a high-level competitive athlete, having competed as a member of the University of Michigan women’s rowing team. And she maintains an active lifestyle as a weekend warrior who enjoys several sports, while raising two sons.

Professionally, she completed her sports medicine fellowship at the University of Alabama, which fields a wide range of teams in one of the most competitive athletic conferences in the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

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The right care for you

OSF HealthCare provides coordinated, multi-disciplinary care to provide you with a seamless care journey.

Sports medicine

Sports medicine

Sports medicine physicians specialize in treating musculoskeletal injuries – those injuries to your joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves, tendons and bones. They also specialize in injury prevention, nutrition, concussions, training and conditioning guidance and osteoarthritis. They work in collaboration with athletic trainers, who provide medical coverage at high school and college sporting events.

A sports medicine physician can help navigate the care journey, facilitating referrals to physical and occupational therapists, as well as orthopedic surgeons, if necessary. About 90 percent of all sports injuries require no surgery, so a good sports medicine physician is key.


  • Acute injuries, like ankle sprains, muscle strains, knee and shoulder injuries and fractures
  • Overuse injuries, like tendinitis, tendinosis and stress fractures
  • Osteoarthritis therapies
  • Concussion and other head injuries
  • Return to play decisions
  • Chronic or acute illness, like asthma or diabetes
  • Nutrition and supplement recommendations
  • Ergogenic aids and performance issues consultation
  • Injury prevention
  • Recommendations on safe strength training and conditioning exercises
  • Healthy lifestyle promotion

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Sports medicine services are vital for keeping athletes of all ages happy and healthy. OSF HealthCare provides these services to athletes.

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Athletic training

Athletic training

Our athletic trainers work closely with local youth sports teams to help prevent injuries through player and coach education, provide medical coverage during games, treat acute injuries and facilitate treatment with a sports medicine physician, if needed, with the goal of returning athletes to competition as soon as safely possible.


  • Rehabilitation and functional testing
  • Education
  • Aerobic conditioning
  • Therapeutic modalities, like ultrasound and electrical stimulation
  • Assisting in return to play decisions and concussion testing

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Orthopedic surgery

Orthopedic surgery

Orthopedic surgeons are experts in the surgical treatment of bone, muscle, joint, tendon and ligament injuries. They can often specialize in specific body parts or procedure types. While some specialize in total joint replacement, others specialize in sports medicine orthopedics, handling injuries typically associated with athletics, like foot, hand, shoulder, spine, hip and knee injuries.

At OSF HealthCare, our sports medicine providers advise surgery only when all other methods of treatment have been ruled out or proved to be ineffective.

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With OSF Rehabilitation, physical therapists and occupational therapists tailor a regimen specific to your unique needs to help you regain your functionality, whether you're recovering from injury or recovering from surgery.


  • Aquatic therapy
  • Exercises for strengthening and stretching
  • Pain management
  • Body mechanics training
  • Sports re-training
  • Home exercise programs
  • Concussion therapy

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