OSF Heart of Mary Medical Center

Urbana, Illinois

University Student Volunteer Program

Students enrolled at the University of Illinois, Parkland College or any other college/university program are encouraged to apply. 

Students are scheduled for a semester period and can change their schedule with each new semester. 

Students average volunteering for a three to four hour shift once per week. Orientation is mandatory and training programs are scheduled for some department assignments.

Orientation and interview dates are determined and published 12 months in advance.

Students are not required to volunteer during holidays or scheduled breaks.

For more information, please call us at (217) 337-2378, or email us at  HMMC.VolunteerServices@osfhealthcare.org.

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Application Deadlines

Semester Deadline
Summer February
Fall August
Spring November

Non-Clinical Services Opportunities

  • Senior Support Services
  • Faith In Action/Senior Programs
  • Gift Shop
  • Out-Patient Pharmacy Assistant
  • In-Patient Pharmacy Assistant (Not Retail)
  • Regional EMS/PRO Ambulance Office Assistant

Detailed descriptions provided for each area outlined below.


  • Senior Support Services

  • A Senior Support Services volunteer offers valuable experience in the areas of health, wellness, and human service, with a special focus on the senior population. You will work within a faith-based community hospital, through various assignments which are flexible.

    You will be assisting with health and wellness programs, writing newspaper and newsletter articles, creating presentations, and other projects that involve marketing and public relations. Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP), helps plan and implement social and educational events.

  • Faith In Action

  • Faith in Action volunteers will be provided many opportunities to work directly with seniors living independently in their homes.

    Volunteer activities include but are not limited to: assistance with shopping/errands, health education and exercise classes, home and telephone visits, seasonal events, SHIP/Medicare assistance, social events, temporary relief for caregivers, transportation to medical appointments, and office support.

    **Application deadlines do not apply**

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  • Gift Shop

  • Volunteers will assist with cash register sales, customer service, gift-wrapping, and more.  This is a wonderful opportunity to serve our patient family members, visitors, employees and volunteers.  The Gift Shop provides a very friendly and pleasant work environment.

    Volunteers needed Monday-Friday.

  • Out-Patient Pharmacy Assistant (Pharmacy majors only)

  • Volunteers for these positions require retail experience and ability to work a cash register. Volunteers take prescription orders and assist customers with check out.

    Volunteers are asked to work one shift any day Monday–Friday.

  • In-Patient Pharmacy Assistant (Not Retail)

  • Volunteers for this position are required to have a Pharmacy Tech License. Volunteers will help with checking for outdated medications, assist with daily orders, running errands, and filing. The volunteer will need to have the ability to stand and walk for a period of time and lift 20 lbs. If the Volunteer is a pharmacy student, they will round with the Pharmacist on floors. Volunteers are needed M – F from 8:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.

  • Regional EMS/PRO Ambulance Office Assistant

  • This office is offsite at 408 S. Neil St., Champaign.  Volunteers are needed primarily for data entry work.  There is a lot of information weekly that needs to be compiled into various spreadsheets.  This position provides a great opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment in the PRO Ambulance base headquarters.  Our friendly staff will appreciate your efforts! Training will be provided for each volunteer.

    Hours are flexible, Monday–Friday.

Clinical Services Opportunities

  • Ambulatory Surgery (ACU)
  • Cardiac Catheterization Lab
  • Critical Care Unit (CCU)
  • Comfort Companions
  • Community Fitness Program
  • Dietetic Services
  • Emergency Services Department (ED)
  • Emergency Department Call Back Center
  • Emergency Services Department Welcome Center
  • Mammography Center
  • Maternal Child Health Services
  • Maternal Child Services Welcome Center
  • Medical/Surgical In-Patient Unit
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Operating Room Department Delivery Clerk
  • Patient Pharmacy Department
  • Patient Transporters
  • Physical Therapy
  • Procedure Center
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Rehab Patient Care
  • Speech and Language Services

Detailed descriptions provided for each area outlined below.


  • Ambulatory Surgery (ACU)

  • Volunteers will be assisting with patients who are having same day surgery.  Duties will be varied including securing patient belongings in lockers, providing nourishments for patients after surgery, transporting patients to x-ray, delivering patient belongings to their room and escorting patients to front lobby at time of discharge, and preparing patient area for next patient. Volunteers will also assist with making up chart packets.

       Volunteers will be scheduled Monday-Friday.

  • Cardiac Catheterization Lab (College students and older)

  • Volunteers provide a variety of clerical as well as patient support services in the busy Cardiac Cath Lab.  Duties include:

    • Answering telephones

    • Transporting patients via cart with a staff member

    • Cleaning room between cases

    • Restocking disposable supplies

    • Assisting with inventory

    • Assisting patients during pre and post procedure activities such as applying EKG patches, blood pressure, obtaining pulse, etc.

    • Volunteers are needed Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

  • Critical Care Unit (CCU) (College students and older)

  • Critical Care Unit patients have a very high acuity and require close monitoring and care.  You will assist staff by providing a variety of services including patient safety audits, answering phones, responding to patient call lights and stocking inventory and supplies.

    Volunteers are needed any day Monday–Sunday.

  • Comfort Companions

  • Comfort Companions help provide a sense of reassurance for what patients are experiencing, and make patients feel more comfortable and hopeful.   This group of volunteers visits with all the appropriate patients in the hospital.  The Comfort Companions can provide: a listening ear, conversation, reassurance, relaxing hand massage, interaction reading or playing games, quiet company, and respite time for families or friends.  Must be able to communicate effectively and be comfortable around all types of patients.

    Volunteers can provide support Monday-Friday. Does require Hospice Training that will be provided.

  • Community Fitness Program

  • Volunteer assist staff as exercise assistants by taking heart rates, blood pressures, oxygen saturation readings, adjusting workloads on the exercise equipment, performing small tasks such as filing charts, putting supplies away, making up “new start” packets, etc.  If you have an outgoing personality and a willingness to interact with patients this placement is for you.

    Cardio/Pulmonary Rehab available days are Monday-Friday. 

  • Dietetic Services (Must be a dietetic student)

  • Students who are in their junior or senior year in Food & Nutrition or Dietetic studies are eligible to volunteer in OSF Heart of Mary’s Dietetic Department.  Students are assigned a variety of projects working in the office as well as with patients. 

    Schedules vary but typically involve a 3-hour shift mornings (preferred) or afternoons Mondays–Fridays.

  • Emergency Services Department (ED) (College students and older)

  • Tasks will include stocking supplies, cleaning, preparing treatment rooms for patients, running errands to lab and other areas, transporting supplies and specimens. Volunteers will regularly check with patients/visitors in the waiting room and forward questions/concerns to the ED Charge Nurse.  Volunteers transport patients and stay with patients and provide support and other duties as assigned.Volunteers work under direction of the Charge Nurse.

    Volunteers are needed Monday-Sunday.

  • Emergency Department Call Back Center

  • The volunteer will receive a list of patients who have received emergent care through OSF Emergency Department no less than two days from the patients’ discharge date.  A pleasant telephone voice is a must. There will be scripted documents provided to assist in a friendly dialogue between the caller and the patient. Privacy is very important and it is necessary to ensure that you are indeed speaking with the actual patient or approved representative for that patient. Notations can be made on the callback lists to provide feedback, complaints, compliments, or suggestions. Return all callback packets to the assigned personnel and feel free to discuss any additional information in detail with personnel if necessary.

    Please be aware that medical advice or interpretations of a patient’s visit CANNOT be discussed during callbacks. All medical questions are to be forwarded to certified medical staff ONLY!

    (Resources will be provided).

  • Emergency Services Department Welcome Center (College students and older)

  • This volunteer opportunity is perfect for those persons interested in a customer service focus over a patient care focus.  Volunteers will meet and greet patients and visitors as they present at the Emergency Department, answer phones, direct calls, direct patients and visitors and assist with minor clerical duties assembling patient charts.

    Volunteers are needed Monday–Sunday.

  • Mammography Center

  • Female volunteers are needed to assist with answering the telephone, escorting patients to and from the mammography area from the front lobby, making copies of insurance information and assist with small patient mailings.

    Available shifts are Monday-Thursday.

  • Maternal Child Health Services

  • Volunteers will assist staff in the Postpartum Care and Labor and Delivery unit with basic unit support including stocking supplies, patient transport at discharge, and unit audits.  Expect minimal patient interaction.

    Volunteer shifts are Monday–Friday.

  • Maternal Child Services Welcome Center

  • Volunteers are needed in Maternal Child Services to greet and welcome patients and visitors to the unit.  Volunteers will escort visitors and patients into one of the 3 secure areas of the unit ensuring their safe arrival. Volunteers need to be friendly and willing to move about the unit as required.

    Hours available are Monday-Sunday.

  • Medical/Surgical In-Patient Unit (6th, 7th, and 8th floors)

  • Volunteers will have the opportunity to work directly with patients and provide services in a variety of ways. Duties include passing and collecting patient meal trays and documenting output, filling water pitchers, assist staff, sitting with patients as friendly visitor, transport patients within hospital and for discharge and other duties.

    Hours available will be Monday–Sunday.

  • Occupational Therapy (College OT/PT majors)

  • Volunteers provide assistance during occupational therapy sessions with patients in the rehab program.  Occupational Therapy staff supervises volunteers.  Occupational Therapy is designed to enable the patient to adjust to living and coping with physical limitations in their environment.  This program offers an excellent opportunity for students pursuing a degree in Occupational or Physical Therapy.

    Days available: Monday–Friday.

  • Operating Room Department Delivery Clerk (College students and older)

  • Volunteers who take pride in being self-driven and possessing a “can do” attitude are needed to provide assistance in making delivery of supplies to and from the OR to Central Supply. Volunteer will work in an environment with fast paced clinical specialists with timely needs for supplies.  This is a unique opportunity for a volunteer to learn more about how a busy OR functions. Volunteers will be required to wear scrubs (provided) while working.

      Shifts needed are Monday–Friday. One volunteer will be assigned per shift.

  • Patient Pharmacy Department (Pre-pharmacy majors only)

  • As a volunteer in the Pharmacy Department you will learn the daily operations of medication delivery in the hospital. Volunteers will assist with medication and patient safety initiatives, quality and process improvement, and development of education for the department, hospital staff, and patients.

    The Volunteers will also be able to assist with compliance with regulatory standards (The Joint Commission, USP 797, etc). Volunteers will participate in department and hospital meetings and have opportunities for patient education. Volunteer will be required to obtain a pharmacy technician license through the State of IL ($40 fee).

  • Patient Transporters

  • Volunteers are needed to provide wheelchair transport services to patients in the front lobby area, throughout the hospital and with patient discharges.  Hours available:

    Monday-Friday, Mornings and Afternoons.

  • Physical Therapy (College OT/PT majors)

  • Pre-Physical Therapy students or students planning to enter a Physical Therapy program are placed in the Physical Therapy program.  Guidance and supervision is provided by staff physical therapists providing experience with patients of all ages suffering from permanent or temporary injury from head or neck injury, stroke, automobile accidents and patients who suffer pain and dysfunction due to join or muscular problems.  This experience will be mainly observational with some hands-on experience as appropriate.

    Days scheduled are Monday–Friday.

  • Procedure Center (College students and older)

  • Volunteers are needed to provide assistance for a variety of duties in the Endoscopy/Procedure Center.  This is a busy clinical diagnostic department where volunteers will be interacting with patients, clinical staff and physicians.  Delivering excellent customer service and patient care is our goal and each volunteer is expected to help us reach that goal!

    Volunteers will assemble chart packets, sticker/label charts with patient name for current day patients, clean carts and monitors between patients, wipe down counter tops and phones, move empty carts from recovery area to admit area, restock patient admit rooms with supplies, take specimens to the lab, deliver drinks/nourishments to patients in recover area, bring family member(s) to patient admit rooms or recover areas, round on patients and families to see if they need anything, keep family members/patients informed while in waiting room, discharge patients via wheelchair and help them into vehicle, and simple departmental audits.

    Hours available are Monday–Friday.

  • Recreational Therapy

  • Volunteers work with the staff recreational therapist to provide individual and group recreation programs for our rehab patients.  This program offers a great opportunity to get to know the patients on an individual basis and assist with great programming.

    Hours available are: Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

  • Rehab Patient Care

  • Volunteers will provide care for patients who have experienced head, neck, or spinal cord injury or suffered a stroke or other debilitating illness.  Duties include filling water mugs, answering telephones, straightening bulletin boards, delivering meal trays, helping patients complete menu selections, assembling chart packets, visit patients and many other duties to assist with our patients.

    Days available are Monday–Sunday.

  • Speech and Language Services (College speech majors)

  • Volunteers provide assistance during Speech therapy sessions with patients.  The Speech Therapist supervises volunteers.  This program offers an excellent opportunity for students pursuing a degree in Speech and Language Services Therapy.

    Hours scheduled are Tuesday and Thursday.