OSF Holy Family Medical Center

Monmouth, Illinois

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OSF Holy Family Volunteer Services is a group of dedicated, hard-working, caring people that deliver value-added service, smiles and information for patients, visitors and staff at OSF Holy Family Medical Center.

OSF Holy Family has an active volunteer role of over 82 that are supported by a Supporting Auxiliary of 387 members.

For those interested, it is a simple process to become involved. 

We ask prospective members to fill out an application. An appointment will be made to discuss the opportunities available and to learn more about your decision to volunteer.

We require all of our volunteers to attend an orientation, and then training will be done in the specific area you are interested in. We have annual updates on information specific to your tasks and the hospital in general.

We would be more than happy to share some great opportunities with you, and show you how you can make new friendships, see people you haven't seen for awhile, all while doing something good for your community.

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