Patient Service Center

The PSC (Patient Service Center) function in Atlas enables efficient workflow and clean order management at PSCs or where ever specimen collections are performed.  It can be utilized when specimen collection is not performed in the office, or to enhance the process when versatility and alternative methods of collection are needed.

Orders are placed in Sunquest/Atlas at the provider’s office and the patient is instructed to make an appointment at one of the PSC sites (Outpatient labs) .  Once there, the order can be viewed (standing or future), and labs can be drawn and submitted to the OSF HealthCare Laboratory.  Multiple orders on the same patient can be merged and new orders created when needed. 

After the labs are resulted, the results become available to the office via the normal delivery method.  This process frees up staff at the providing office, improves workflow, streamlines patient ordering and processing with a higher percentage of clean orders, and allows the patient to schedule their appointment at a convenient time and location, ultimately improving the patient experience.