OSF Medical Group

Patient-Centered Medical Home

OSF Medical Group has created a special bond between patients/caregivers and the health care team. We call it the Patient-Centered Medical Home.

Most of our OSF Medical Group practices are recognized by the National Committee on Quality Assurance as Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Homes, the highest level of recognition for primary care.

Doctor and Senior Male Patient As a patient, you, your preferred provider and your care team work together to make decisions about your health. Your team will make sure you get the tools, support and help you need.

Your team may include many people such as a doctor, physician assistant, advanced nurse practitioner, or nurse. Your team may also have a patient care manager and other health care professionals. You and your family are part of this team, as well.

Being a part of a Patient-Centered Medical Home means convenient access to care. We know illnesses are not scheduled events. We keep time open for these events.  We also want to make the most of your visit.

Some members of our staff will spend more time with you before you see your doctor or nurse practitioner. These care team members will ask you questions about your health and emotional needs. Your provider may talk to you about other concerns, as well.

Along with traditional office visits, you can join group classes and take part in other self-health management opportunities.

Your care team knows you, your health and family history best. They can suggest treatment options tailored for you and help you decide on the best plan.

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