OSF Center for Health - Streator

Streator, Illinois

Construction Update

streator_construction_exterior.jpg Artistic Rendering of Construction Project Service Disruptions

The renovation work is well underway at the OSF HealthCare Center for Health - Streator. When visiting our facility, please pay attention to directories as your services may have moved. View the updated floor directory here .

Exterior renovations are underway! As a result, the main entrance has been closed and all patients are to enter through the Emergency Room entrance. To accommodate the exterior renovations, a portion of the parking lot will be unavailable.

Center for Health - Streator Parking Map (PDF - 876.1 KB)


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Donated Community Bricks

Donated Bricks.png Community Entrance with Donated Bricks Q: What are the plans for the donated bricks that are currently located outside of the building?

A: The bricks have been taken down, they will be properly cleaned and restored prior to being relocated to the Community Education entrance – please see the area highlighted in yellow in the photo. 

The red circle represents the statue of Saint Mary, which was previously located at the south end of the property, and upon completion of renovations, the statue, along with the donated bricks will be displayed near the Community Education entrance.

This is a way to show the dedication of the donors to the facility throughout the years and the prominence near the Community Education entrance indicates how valuable the dedications are to OSF HealthCare. The bricks will be available for public viewing in Summer 2019.

Project Background

In October 2017, a $30.5 million renovation was announced for OSF HealthCare Center for Health – Streator as a key element of OSF HealthCare’s overall plan to promote health and wellness in the Streator community.

Through research and groundwork, OSF HealthCare was able to enter the next phase of building a healthier community, including studying efforts in similar regions, surveying residents about the status of their health needs and collaborating with wellness-related organizations.

Both exterior and interior renovations are in the beginning phases for the Spring Street facility. These include improvements to OSF specialty clinics, rehabilitation, primary care and diagnostic imaging departments. A new entrance and lobby, with upgrades to registration and the addition of a tech bar for computer users, are also planned.

OSF HealthCare plans to utilize three of the building’s six available floors. The city and OSF plan to continue working together to repurpose the unused portions of the hospital. If these efforts prove successful, it would be the first time the six-story building would be fully utilized and occupied in more than 10 years. 

To advance its partnership with local residents and organizations, OSF HealthCare is also adding community education and meeting rooms.

Demolition of the former wing known as St. Francis Hall has already been completed. Additional work on OSF Center for Health – Streator began in January and will be done in phases. Project completion is scheduled for summer 2019.

"We want to take the opportunity to listen to the community and not deliver what we think they need, but what they want and need." -Don Damron, Vice President of Ambulatory Services


Phases of Construction

We are currently in Phase II of construction, which consists of exterior work and the construction of the new addition, while interior renovations continue.

Phase III will  include interior renovations on floors 1, 3, and 4.

Phase IV will include the completion of all interior renovations and the Community Education area. Project completion is scheduled for summer 2019.