OSF Saint James Announces 2nd Quarter AIM Recipient

4/21/2014 - Pontiac, Illinois

Press Releases | Becky WahlsThe Second Quarter OSF Saint James Achievers In Mission (A.I.M.) for Excellence Award recipient for 2014 is Becky Wahls, of Fairbury, a Registered Nurse at the OSF Medical Group clinic in Chatsworth.

Becky has been an OSF employee for 29 years and was selected for this honor due to her many wonderful and caring qualities: 

-“Becky is a great office nurse and co-worker.” 

-“Becky is outstanding off the clock in assisting the community.” 

-“Becky follows the mission daily and it shows.” 

Michelle McVey, Site Manager, stated, “Becky is a wonderful nurse. She is more than a nurse; she gets involved in the community. She looks for opportunities to be engaged with patient care and activities. She enjoys completing advance care planning sessions with patients. Becky is professional, an excellent nurse and demonstrates caring and compassion for all patients.” 

Jenny Steffen, PA-C, stated, “Clinically, Becky is a great office nurse, making many feel comfortable and at ease. She’s my right hand person for discernment, procedures, office flow, and my side-kick in jokes. Funny socks, dangling earrings, a watch for every occasion, and bright colored scrubs! That’s our Becky Wahls. Becky donates clothes and food to families in the community. She sends cards and visits patients in the hospital and nursing homes. She is an outstanding lady.” 

Her co-workers say, “Becky goes the extra mile to make sure our patients are cared for. Becky will send out cards to wish happy birthday or for special occasions. Becky always has a warm welcome to all. Patients will schedule blood draws when they know Becky will be working. We are proud to say we work with Becky. Our office is one little family. She is the best example of the greatest care and love.” 

With this honor Becky received a framed certificate of appreciation, a monetary amount, a reception in her department, a corsage and a special parking place. Her name and photo will be added to the A.I.M. for Excellence plaque located in the hospital lobby.



Pam Meiner
Community Relations Coordinator
(815) 842-4986