OSF PromptCare Locations in Bloomington Seeking Subjects for Study

4/08/2014 - Bloomington, Illinois

OSF PromptCare is seeking patients 18 years and older who currently have an abscess to participate in a research study. The study will help OSF PromptCare physicians determine the most effective way to treat and manage abscesses. All four Bloomington-Normal OSF PromptCare locations are participating: 1505 Eastland Drive, Suite 1100, Bloomington; 1001 Mitsubishi Motorway, Bloomington; 1701 E. College Avenue, Bloomington; and 2200 Fort Jesse Road, Normal. 

An abscess, also known as a boil, is defined as an infectious collection of fluid beneath the skin. Over the past year, PromptCare locations throughout the OSF network have evaluated and treated over 750 abscesses. Over 250 of them occurred in the Bloomington-Normal area. Many physicians continue to use the traditional approach, consisting of incision and drainage (I&D), packing, and initiation of antibiotics. The patient then returns in 24 to 48 hours to reassess and repack the open wound. Follow-up is then continued every 48 to 72 hours until the wound has healed. 

“At OSF PromptCare in the Bloomington-Normal locations alone, we have noted significant variation in abscess management between physicians,” says Dr. John Kreckman of OSF PromptCare. “This variation exists not only in the initial use of antibiotics and packing, but also in the follow-up care. We see this as an opportunity to better define the appropriate outpatient management of abscesses,” Kreckman continues.

The study has been submitted and approved through the Internal Review Board (IRB) under the title “Management of Simple Abscess in the Outpatient Setting.” OSF PromptCare locations in Bloomington-Normal have been enrolling patients for the study for the past three months, and the study should take approximately two years to complete. 

The results of this study have the potential to streamline treatment by reducing unnecessary variation and provide the greatest value to each patient. 

For more information about OSF PromptCare, please visit www.osfmedicalgroup.org.



Sue Necessary
Community Relations Coordinator
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