OSF Sisters Clinic and Heartland Community Health Clinic Merge

2/03/2014 - Peoria, Illinois

News Release Images | Heartland Community Health Clinic - Sisters Community Health Care Center

OSF Saint Francis Medical Center Sisters Community Health Care Center, the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria (UICOMP), and Heartland Community Health Clinic are pleased to announce the two community health clinics are now one.

As of February 3, OSF Sisters Clinic is part of Heartland Community Health Clinic. By working together, the two clinics – supported by UICOMP physician residents, can do more for the medically underserved of the Peoria area who are seeking primary health care services. This partnership will eliminate duplication of efforts and allow all three organizations to continue to provide efficient and effective access to quality, affordable health care services.

The OSF-Heartland partnership began years ago when OSF transferred the Mother Frances Krasse Clinic on Garden St. to Heartland Clinic, laying the groundwork for an excellent working relationship. This allows us to work together to reach the medically underserved offering better care, increased training opportunities for physician residents, and better health for the community. 

Heartland was established in 1991 with an all-volunteer staff, including physicians. Heartland became a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in 2004 with an employed staff. It now operates clinics at four locations: Wisconsin Avenue, Garden St., the Human Service Center, and the Carver Center on John Gwynn Drive. The Sisters Clinic location at 320 E. Armstrong Ave. will become Heartland’s fifth location, Heartland-Armstrong.

As a FQHC, Heartland receives a different reimbursement rate per patient visit than Sisters Clinic, since it is hospital-based. While its access to federal grants does not cover all the costs, it enables Heartland to provide a greater scope of services and serve more patients.  With the pending changes in federal healthcare reform, this integration allows all involved to expand care to a growing population.

As part of the merger agreement, OSF Saint Francis will expand its Community Benefit Grant to Heartland.

“We see this partnership as a way to continue to provide quality healthcare to an often underserved population and expand the Sisters’ long-standing Mission of serving with the greatest care and love,” said Farrell Davies, Chief Executive Officer, Heartland Community Health Clinic.

The Sisters Clinic is the major teaching site for five UICOMP residencies and will continue to be so. Patients will receive their care at the Heartland location of their choice with the same nurses and doctors.

Patients with all types of insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare, may continue to come to the Heartland Clinic at the Sisters location. Patients may apply for Heartland’s sliding discount program and will also be guided through the Medicaid sign-up process or acquiring insurance through the government’s Health Exchange Marketplace.





Stacy Campbell
Community Relations Coordinator
(309) 655-2321