OSF St. Joseph to Host Honduran ENT Resident Physician

7/23/2014 - Bloomington, Illinois

Third year Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) resident physician, Dr. Aurora Argenal Melendez, from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, will be at OSF St. Joseph Medical Center on Friday, July 25, to receive training in the latest advances in sinus surgery. Dr. Melendez will observe Dr. Will Noyes, of ENT Surgical Associates, while he performs various ENT surgeries at OSF St. Joseph. 

Dr. Noyes met Dr. Melendez during a surgical mission trip to Honduras this past February. There is only one ENT residency program in the entire country of Honduras; the Honduran residents depend on American physicians to provide equipment, training, and specialized surgical care to the underserved people of Honduras. In February, Dr. Noyes and Dr. Melendez performed the first Balloon Sinuplasty procedure ever performed in Honduras. 

Dr. Noyes approached OSF St. Joseph Medical Center who graciously extended an invitation to Dr. Melendez. “I am so grateful to OSF St. Joseph for hosting her,” said Dr. Noyes. “Our hope is to provide state-of-the-art training for interested medical residents in Third World countries, so they can provide the best medical services possible when they return home.” In a rare occurrence as a foreign medical resident, Dr. Melendez was able to accompany Dr. Noyes during the American Rhinologic Society Summer Sinus Symposium in Chicago, Ill., where prominent sinus surgeons meet annually to discuss new and emerging surgical technologies. 

“Education, training, and mentoring are crucial for Third World health, and more attention is needed for better training and equipment in these underdeveloped countries” said Chad Boore, President, OSF St. Joseph Medical Center. “By welcoming resident physicians from Third World countries to train in our Medical Center, we continue to successfully deliver on our Mission of serving with the greatest care and love.” 

Dr. Noyes and Dr. Aurora Argenal Melendez both welcome media interviews. Please contact Valerie Hawkins at (309) 665-5733 to schedule.



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