OSF St. Joseph Conducts Pandemic Drill

10/03/2014 - Bloomington, Illinois

Beginning October 2 through October 4, 2014, OSF St. Joseph Medical Center is conducting a pandemic drill. The drill is testing our ability to funnel staff members, screen, and inoculate (or provide prophylaxis to) employees during a real pandemic.

For the duration of the drill, all OSF St. Joseph employees and volunteers are required to enter through the Business and Conference Center on the OSF St. Joseph campus. Upon entering, all employees receive a flu shot to simulate what would really happen during an actual pandemic. 

As of 9 a.m. on October 3, 2014, 650 OSF St. Joseph employees and volunteers have been vaccinated against the flu virus.

“The ability to stop infectious spread is built in to how we practice medicine,” says Monica McDonald, RN, BSN, CIC, Infection Preventionist at OSF St. Joseph Medical Center. “With the recent enterovirus 68 outbreak, and now the threat of Ebola in the United States, this is one way we are preparing to provide the best care possible for our patients and our community.”



Sue Necessary
Community Relations Coordinator
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