OSF Joins Group to Accelerate U.S. Health Care Transformation

1/28/2015 - Peoria, Illinois

OSF HealthCare is excited and honored to be part of the Health Care Transformation Task Force, an elite group of health systems,  health insurers, purchasers, employers and patients who are working together to lead sweeping transformation of national health care over the next five years. Through this collaboration, we are working to accomplish the triple aim of health care: Better health for our patients, better care and lower costs.

But the work we are under taking with the Health Care Transformation Task Force is not a new commitment to bring value to our patients and this industry. OSF HealthCare has been a national leader in that arena for the past several years.

Selected to be one of 32 Pioneer Accountable Care Organizations beginning in 2012, OSF HealthCare has been piloting a new model of care that emphasizes higher quality and lower costs and penalizes system that do not deliver both. We accepted that risk because we understood the health care industry must find ways to provide better value and better patient outcomes. Though our Pioneer ACO comprises patients on Medicare, our approach and commitment is to improve care for all of our patients. Just 19 of the 32 Pioneer ACOs remain, and the OSF HealthCare quality scores for 2013, the most recent year for which data is available, put us in the top five among that group.

“OSF HealthCare has always been at the forefront of innovation in health care without ever losing sight of our Mission to serve our patients with the greatest care and love,” said OSF HealthCare Chief Executive Officer Kevin Schoeplein. “Our participation in the Health Care Transformation Task Force is recognition that we are truly leaders in the national efforts to continuously improve our health care system in this country. What makes that work worthwhile is when we see the results in better care for our patients.”

For more information on the Health Care Transformation Task Force, visit www.hcttf.org.



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