OSF Saint Elizabeth Volunteers Honored

11/13/2015 - Ottawa, Illinois

Volunteers at OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center were honored last month with an awards luncheon in recognition of individual hours worked.  A total of 333 volunteers contributed 39,415 hours of service within the last year, an amount that equals 19 full-time employees.

The following volunteers were recognized for 100 hours:  Sue Baxter, Gillian Buendia, Roy Drake, Lisa Easi, Rita Fitzgerald, Mercadeez Gaul, Stoyan Georgiev, Ashley Hanson, Dolores Harden, Aidan Kennedy, Chiarina La Gioia, Judith Leese, Greg Mazza, Meredith Mazza, Kevin Meany, Terry Moore, Megan Pentecost, Judy Rosengren, Hannah Schilling, Lauren Schwarz, Sharon Stoudt, Nancy Thompson, Marlene Tuftie and Jill Zeitlin.

Recognized for 500 hours were Gloria Byczynski, Ronald Callaway, Yukiko Carpenter, Ruth Gaul, Karen Johnson, Rilee King, Barry Loomis, Charles Morrall and Marilyn Wig.

Recipients of awards for 1,000 hours were Marge Biffany, Barb Bowen, John Cook, Cheryll Donovan, Ellen Hathorn, Barbara Mac Kay, Robert Marten, Gary Oelschlager and Arla Severson.

1,500 hour awards went to Marilynn Beard, Michael Clinch, Deb Farrell, Sharon Greene, Karen Jeffries, Jerry Miersch, Glenn Perdue, Karen Rhodes, Ronald Slafer, Melita Stone, Florence Veasy and Cheryl Wienand.

Mary Lou Collins, Karen Dudgeon, Pamela Muzzarelli, Jean Reuther and Margaret Slafer achieved 2,000 hours. Betty Callaway, Madonna Cox, Lois Defore, Sefie Jarigese and Fran Woodward each logged 2,500 hours.

Coming in at 3,000 hours were Bonnie Leipold, Rosemary McDonnell, Dorothy Roesler and Judith Waldron. 3,500 hour awards were given to Mary Catlin, Nancy Hynd and Carole Larson.

Ann Hamalle, Kay Jevitz and Peggy Kramer all clocked 4,000 hours while Barbara Jacobs and Mary Ann Schmidt both attained 4,500 hours. Coming in at 5,000 hours was Marge Donnelly.

Awards for 5,500 hours went to Vivian Carstens and Roberta Kandell. 6,000 hour award recipients were Mary Bowe and Marie Hershey.  Bernice Brue and Donald Nickerson each logged 6,500 hours.

The following individuals tallying 7,500 or more hours were also recognized:

  • Jerry Johnson – 7,500 hours
  • Sylvia Eichelkraut – 8,000 hours
  • Gary Jerde – 8,500 hours
  • Doris Madaus – 9,000 hours
  • Carole Johnson – 9,500 hours
  • Eleanor Flower – 10,500 hours
  • Gladys Stecher – 12,000 hours
  • James Eichelkraut – 14,500 hours
  • Joyce Cobler – 18,500 hours

Volunteers range in age from 13 up to 97.  They provide assistance to a variety of service areas including Care-A-Van, clerical services, emergency department, escorts, hospice, the Family Room, hospitality, lobby information desk, outpatient, pastoral care, surgery waiting room, Gift Shoppe, ReRuns and Red Cross blood drives.

For more information, call (815) 431-5432 or click here.




Brianne Riley
Community Relations Coordinator
(815) 431-5498