OSF HealthCare Unveils Innovation Strategy

6/15/2016 - Alton, Illinois

  • Nikki Delinksi, Clinical Education Programs Specialist, shows off SIMnext Health Scholars App that provides education material for nurses.

  • Dan Seewald, Director of Worldwide Innovation for Pfizer speaks about the future of innovation at Discovery by Design event.

  • : A Sister from the Third Order of St. Francis tries on virtual reality equipment being utilized for 3D modeling at Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center in Peoria.

  • Dr. Dale Chapman, President of Lewis & Clark Community College and Community Board Member of OSF Saint Anthony's, meets with Sister M. Mikela, Executive Vice President of OSF HealthCare

Leadership from OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center, a part of OSF HealthCare, attended the launching of OSF Innovation, a new initiative to lead the way in transforming health care. The initiative was unveiled on June 9 at Discovery by Design: An OSF Innovation Event, where leaders from companies across the U.S. gathered to speak about the importance of innovation in health care.

OSF Saint Anthony’s President Ajay Pathak and members of his Senior Team were joined by Lewis and Clark Community College President Dr. Dale Chapman, who also serves as a Community Board Member for OSF Saint Anthony’s. The event was held at the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center in Peoria.

“Health care is constantly evolving, from new technology to modified best practices,” said Pathak. “OSF HealthCare is striving to be a leader in that change. OSF Saint Anthony’s is fortunate to be a big part of that, and will continue to adapt new care strategies, while keeping a sharp focus on patients’ wants and needs in the Riverbend Community.”

Many Discovery by Design speakers presented their ideas on innovation, and how health care organizations launching innovation programs must be willing to step outside of their comfort zones and learn from failed designs to meet the needs of patients.

“Prototyping new solutions can help health care organizations learn what's worth carrying to a larger scale,” said Natalie Nixon, Ph.D, Associate Professor, consultant and Director of Design at Philadelphia University. “Continued failure can make the testing process seem abysmal, but learning from those failures and pushing forward could lead to the solution you’ve been looking for.”

Nixon was among a number of leaders in innovation speaking at Discovery by Design. Others came from Mayo Clinic, Pfizer, Doblin Group, IIT Institute of Design, PLUG and PLAY and OSF. Ten technology and device companies also showcased their creative innovations to solve health care problems to attendees.

The goal of the Discovery by Design event was to educate leaders across OSF and the communities served about the OSF Innovation strategy, and begin the process of building a culture where employees feel they have the ability and opportunity for change to benefit patients and their own co-workers.

“It’s important to know that making this transition is not a matter to be handled solely by leadership. The alliance of each Mission Partner and our community collaborators is essential to making the journey ahead a successful endeavor,” said Michelle Conger, Chief Strategy Officer for OSF HealthCare. 

The strategy aims to employ a variety of approaches to innovation such as improving processes and functions to serve patients; mentoring, networking and partnering with external companies working on solutions to health care problems; and improving outcomes and lower costs through innovative medical training.   

OSF has maintained its Mission of serving persons with the greatest care and love in a community that celebrates the gift of life for nearly 140 years. It is hoped the new Innovation strategy will ensure OSF will be relevant for decades to come.


OSF HealthCare, headquartered in Peoria, is owned and operated by The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis, and consists of more than 18,000 employees in 115 locations, including 11 hospitals throughout Illinois and Michigan. Its physician network employs more than 1,000 primary care, specialist physicians, and advanced practice providers. More at www.osfhealthcare.org.



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