Lives Saved Through OSF/Rockford Fire Department Collaboration


Impressive results at improving the chances of a patient surviving cardiac arrest are being achieved through a collaboration between OSF Northern Region Emergency Medical Services (NREMS) and the Rockford Fire Department.

Spurred by Illinois Heart Rescue (ILHR), a program initiated by the state and implemented by the University of Illinois at Chicago, OSF NREMS and Rockford Fire accepted the ILHR’s challenge of doubling the neurologically intact survival rates from out of hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA). Plainly speaking, the training of proven techniques that can be used at the scene and during transport by Rockford Fire EMT’s that improve the odds of a patient’s survival before they get to the medical center.

Thanks to instruction by OSF NREMS and the commitment and diligence of Rockford Fire, 2015 numbers show the OCHA survival rate was 46.2%, more than double the highest national average.

Calling the OSF NREMS/Rockford Fire collaboration and partnership “exemplary”, Illinois Heart Rescue says the OHCA survival in “your system is a model for communities across our state.”

“The Rockford Fire Department has long prided itself on being at the forefront of EMS services”, says Rockford Fire Department Chief Derek Bergsten. “The out of hospital survival rate continues to put Rockford in the top tier of patient outcomes. This would not be possible without the men and women of the Fire Department doing such a great job each and every day protecting the citizens and visitors to the City of Rockford”. Bergsten added, “We thank OSF NREMS and the Illinois Heart Rescue program for helping us continue to improve the level of service we are able to provide.”

“The survival rates are commendable and are a direct result of Rockford Fire Department leadership and the men and women of the department who grasp the magnitude that this program brings to the citizens of Rockford”, says OSF NREMS Medical Director, Dr. Jane Pearson. She adds, “The numbers are proof of their commitment.”



Mike Robinson
Media Relations Coordinator
(815) 395-5347