OSF Saint Elizabeth Board Names Two Streator Members

3/29/2016 - Ottawa, Illinois

  • Dr. Caner Celeboglu

  • Mayor Jimmie Lansford

Two well-known Streator residents were recently named to the hospital board at OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center.  Mayor Jimmie Lansford and Dr. Caner Celeboglu filled two open positions that were vacated in December.

Their appointment coincides with the opening of OSF Center for Health - Streator earlier this year. The outpatient health care facility operates as a satellite location of OSF Saint Elizabeth in nearby Ottawa.

“I have a long-standing commitment to Streator, and the community knows me,” said Dr. Celeboglu in response to his participation on the board. “I was very involved in helping to develop new services when HSHS was here.”

Dr. Celeboglu is a board-certified general surgeon who has been practicing in Streator since 1978.  He maintains a full-time office in Streator while traveling to Ottawa twice a week to perform procedures at OSF Saint Elizabeth.

In addition, Celeboglu holds a seat on the Streator Steering Committee, a mix of community leaders and OSF HealthCare officials who are collaborating to help shape the future of health care in the city.  He is joined on the committee by fellow board member Mayor Lansford.

“Health care is changing.  It remains to be seen if Streator will be on the cutting edge of new technology and services in rural America,” said Lansford in hopeful anticipation of the new model of care proposed for his citizens.

Lansford also wields an extensive health care background, having worked at the former St. Mary’s Hospital for 32 years. He left the organization in 1996 following nine years of service as the hospital administrator.  Lansford has served as an elected official for the past 10 years, five of which are within his current role as mayor.

Lansford and Celeboglu, each bringing a unique perspective, join eleven other individuals on the hospital board.  Membership includes a combination of community members and health care professionals.  Members from the OSF HealthCare organization include:

  • Dr. David Gorenz, Regional CEO for I-80 Region of OSF HealthCare
  • Dr. Charles Dennis, Regional Vice President of OSF Medical Group
  • Dr. Gerald McShane, CEO of OSF Medical Group
  • Dr. Steven Hippler, Chief Clinical Officer for OSF HealthCare
  • Sister Diane Marie McGrew, President and Treasurer for OSF HealthCare
  • Sister Agnes Joseph Williams, OSF HealthCare Board Member
  • James Moore, former CEO for OSF HealthCare

Rounding out the board are local business leaders:

  • George Shanley from Coldwell Banker Honig-Bell
  • Christina Cantlin from the Cantlin Law Firm
  • Dr. Jeffrey Crowhurst with Crowhurst Foot Care
  • Steven Gonzalo with First National Bank of Ottawa

Mark Palmer of Clover Technologies Group and Matt Winchester with La Salle/Putnam County Education Alliance for Special Education (L.E.A.S.E.) completed their board terms in December. Their two open seats resulted in Lansford and Celeboglu being named as successors.




Brianne Riley
Community Relations Coordinator
(815) 431-5498