OSF HealthCare Volunteers Honored

11/14/2016 - Ottawa, Illinois

  • Volunteers contributed 41,196 hours of service, an amount that equals roughly 20 full-time employees. They enjoyed a themed awards luncheon where they were hailed as “our greatest natural resources."

Volunteers with OSF HealthCare facilities in Ottawa and Streator were honored last month at their annual awards luncheon.  A total of 377 volunteers with OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center and OSF Center for Health – Streator were recognized for individual hours worked.

The following volunteers were honored for 100 hours:  Art Aubry, Diane Bayer, Sara Diss, Elaine Goodman, Deborah Hawthorne, Daniel Korstick, Carmelo LaGioia, David Long, Patricia Long, Kathryn Luckey, Kitty Miller, Wayne Miller, Sharon Nelson, Tim O’Brien, Mary Oslanzi, Lori Pagliuco, Paula Patton, Jean Peterson, Gail Rapp, Gina Seibert, Dan Sholders, Carolann Signorella, Conner Simmons, Jacob Smith, Jim Sparks, Lawrence Yednock and Beverly Yusko.

Recognized for 500 hours were Cookie Albright, Diane Baxter, Roy Drake, Don Grubaugh, Sue Ninness, Alice Pfau-Pakenham, Bonnie Simons, Karen Super and Nancy Thompson.

Recipients of awards for 1,000 hours were Jan Blumenschein, Ron Callaway, Pam Cooper and Jack Leininger.

1,500 hour awards went to Bob and Linda Cokley, Carol Cook, Rudy D’Souza, Sharon Hutchison, Mary Jett, Joyce Kellogg and Pat Weihman.

Mary Ann Carroll, Marian Cavanaugh, Lacene Freese, Judy Pineda, Esther Sommer and Frank Youngblood achieved 2,000 hours. Nancy Crackel, Karen Dudgeon, Rita Emmert and Marylinn Rice each logged 2,500 hours.

Coming in at 3,000 hours were Brad Campbell, Madonna Cox, Mike Crawshaw, Wally Kistenfeger and Pam Muzzarelli. 3,500 hour awards were given to Bonnie Leipold, Rosemary McDonnell and Betty Pandolfi. 

Carole Larson and Mary Stowe both clocked 4,000 hours while Roger Freese and Kay Jevitz attained 4,500 hours. Coming in at 5,000 hours was Barb Jacobs with Rose Renkosik following at 5,500.

Marie Hershey received an award for 6,500 hours. Sylvia Eichelkraut was honored for 8,500 hours.

The following individuals tallying 10,000 or more hours were also recognized:

  • Carole Johnson – 10,000 hours
  • Gladys Stecher – 12,500 hours
  • Jim Eichelkraut – 15,000 hours
  • Joyce Cobler – 19,500 hours

Volunteers range in age from 13 to 90+.  They provide assistance to a variety of service areas including Care-A-Van, clerical services, emergency department, escorts, hospice, the Family Room, hospitality, lobby information desk, outpatient, pastoral care, surgery waiting room, cardiac rehab, The Gift Shop, ReRuns, OSF MarketPlace and Red Cross blood drives.

For more information, call (815) 431-5432.





Brianne Riley
Community Relations Coordinator
(815) 431-5498