New Technology Improves Diagnostics for OSF Saint Elizabeth Patients

2/07/2017 - Ottawa, Illinois

An advanced diagnostic tool at OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center is providing physicians and their patients a clearer picture about treatment.

OSF Saint Elizabeth is the only medical center in the area with a SPECT/16 CT nuclear medicine camera. “This provides us the most up-to-date technology for imaging”, says Dotty Peare, Director of Radiology and Medical Imaging at OSF Saint Elizabeth.

While used for adult oncology and bone patients, the SPECT/16 will also benefit cardiology patients.

Dr. David Thompson, Lead Cardiologist at OSF Saint Elizabeth and Heart Care Midwest physician, says, “This nuclear medicine camera improves our diagnostics capability for coronary artery disease and does so in a more efficient manner that’s safer for the patient.”  

Safer – because the camera can capture clearer images in a shorter time which reduces the radiation exposure for patients.

“This investment was made to improve this service for our patients”, says Peare.   



Mike Robinson
Media Relations Coordinator
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