Tim Turnipseed Rehabilitation Center Unveiled

4/13/2018 - Ottawa, Illinois

  • Tim Turnipseed standing next to the comemorative plaque.

    Tim Turnipseed standing next to the comemorative plaque.

After serving the Ottawa community for 42 years, Tim Turnipseed, Regional Director of Rehab Services for OSF HealthCare, is retiring. To honor his lifelong achievements, the Rehabilitation Services wing at OSF HealthCare Saint Elizabeth Medical Center has been renamed the Tim Turnipseed Rehabilitation Center.

“Dedicating the rehab services department to our boss, Tim Turnipseed, was an idea that was conceived shortly after Tim announced his retirement,” stated Doug Wisler, Supervisor of Cardiac Rehab Services at OSF Saint Elizabeth. “Tim molded and made this department a creative place to work, and in turn it was a great atmosphere for our patients to get better.”

OSF HealthCare announced the dedication on Thursday with the unveiling of a commemorative plaque.

“I’m accepting this dedication on behalf of my fellow Mission Partners,” stated Turnipseed. “As a tribute to all of these wonderful people, I am honored to have my name associated with this great department that provides incredible services to our community.”

When Turnipseed began his career in 1976, he never dreamed that what he referred to as a “short term position,” would develop into a lifelong passion. “I started in Ottawa immediately after graduating from a Physical Therapy program at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota,” stated Turnipseed. “Once we got here and our team continued to grow – I never thought of going back to Minnesota or leaving.”

What began as a four employee contract group called Therapy Consults Incorporated, expanded by 20,400 square feet and over 50 employees to become the OSF Saint Elizabeth Rehab Services we know today. “When I started, it was just physical therapy,” stated Turnipseed. “Every time we grew, we added on another service, and over time we evolved into an entire rehab center.”

“I want to recognize Tim for his great leadership and his vision, which he maintained throughout his 42 year career,” stated Ken Beutke, President of OSF Saint Elizabeth. “Tim has positively impacted our community and helped lead the rehab department to become what it is today.”

When asked what his favorite aspect of his profession has been, Turnipseed stated, “Watching our rehab family grow. We have experienced everything a family experiences, and we have persevered by supporting each other.”

In his retirement, Turnipseed looks forward to playing golf, finishing home projects, and vacationing on Hilton Head Island with Darsi, his fiancée, and their families.



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