OSF HealthCare Sacred Heart Medical Center Receives Legacy Gift from Grateful Husband

9/05/2018 - Danville, Illinois

Mr. Mahlon White, a lifelong farmer of the Alvin area and renowned storyteller, recently gave a generous estate gift to OSF Sacred Heart Medical Center. Mr. White’s tale began almost a decade ago when his wife Mary entered the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Medical Center. Grateful for the care his wife received, Mr. White has since been a faithful philanthropic supporter of advancing local patient care.

Upon his loving wife's passing, this Danville-area resident became a champion of the ICU. In honor of his wife, Mr. White made a memorial gift in her name. This generous contribution aided in the purchase of cardiac heart monitors for the ICU, and fourteen months later, Mr. White donated additional monies to offset the cost of defibrillators for the ICU as well.

In total over the past 11 years, Mr. White has donated nearly $300,000 to Sacred Heart Medical Center. “The generosity of Mr. White over the years has led to an advance in life-saving medical technology in the ICU of our Medical Center in such a manner that many lives have been saved,” stated Dr. Jared C. Rogers, President of OSF HealthCare Sacred Heart Medical Center. Rogers added that “his commitment to assisting in making care better for our patients is deeply touching.” 

This recent gift and proceeds from the 2018 Festival of Trees and the Vermilion HealthCare Foundation allocation will be used to purchase 3-D Mammography and Bone Density equipment. Purchasing the 3-D Mammography and Bone Density equipment will help fulfill Mahlon’s philanthropic wishes to advance local patient care, give back to his community and support the Ministry of OSF HealthCare.


Dr. Jo-Mel Labayog, Oncologist of The Bobette Steely Hegeler Cancer Care Center states, “I am truly excited that our community through the efforts of the Foundation and OSF Sacred Heart Medical Center will have the availability of 3D Mammography. Mammograms are the single best tool to find breast cancer at its earliest stage.  With the development of 3D mammography, early detection just became better. 3D mammography improves cancer detection rates, is beneficial for those with dense breasts, and with less recall rates for repeated examinations. Keeping our community healthy is the goal of Sacred Heart Medical Center.”



Kodi Smith
Community Relations Coordinator
(217) 337-2917