Foundation Donates for COVID Preparedness

8/11/2020 - Princeton, Illinois

  • Foundation Donates for COVID Preparedness

The Perry Memorial Hospital Foundation provided more than $50,000 in funds for two department equipment purchases on July 23, 2020.

Tim Schultz, Director of Respiratory Care at Perry, had a look of relief when he learned the Foundation would provide funding for not only one, but two, state of the art ventilators in early March.  Preparing for COVID-19, he knew the small and powerful ventilators would provide a variety of ventilation modes for inpatients.  The ventilators become transport ventilators with the removal of the stand.  Schultz shared, "Being able to seamlessly treat patients with one device, rather than switching from a BIPAP machine to a ventilator to a transport ventilator, increases both patient comfort and caregiver safety."

The Foundation also surprised Laura Seitz, Director of Radiology, with funding to upgrade the MRI injector.  Radiology, a fast-paced, ever-changing profession, requires constant updated and improved equipment.  Laura said, “The new injector will give Perry state of the art technology, allowing for more precise timing of contrast injections.  This timing is essential to visualize certain structures such as vessels and abdominal organs.  The technology will allow our radiologists to provide the most accurate diagnosis for our patients.”

The Perry Memorial Hospital Foundation’s mission is to enhance the quality of life, through philanthropy, for those served by Perry Memorial Hospital.  The Foundation supports the hospital by providing financial support to enhance the services though funding projects to enhance technology or facility improvements.  Sue Spratt, Foundation Chairwoman, shared, “Through generous donations and bequests, we recognize the community shares our mission to enhance the quality of life, for our community.”