OSF HealthCare Saint Elizabeth Medical Center Announces Grateful Patient Awards

5/12/2021 - Ottawa, Illinois

OSF HealthCare Saint Elizabeth Medical Center has awarded two honorees through its Grateful Patient program. The program includes the international DAISY Award that recognizes the skillful and compassionate care provided by nurses; and the Sunflower Award, which acknowledges non-nursing staff for being outstanding role models among a community of caregivers. 

This quarter's awards were presented to Erin Hughes, RN, DAISY Award and Mandie Wesbecker, CT technologist received the Sunflower Award.

Erin Hughes, RN, is a nurse in the Medical/Surgical department and has been a Mission Partner for eight years. She was recognized for the exceptional care as well as compassion she brought to a COVID-19 patient. The patient's family shared, "Thank you for that extra touch you provided. The quiet, sympathetic words, the hand on my arm, the caress you gave my mom's face or arm. All the extra steps and gestures you gave us that weren't required but you still did them. Thank you for the hugs you gave and the tears you shed for my mom. She wasn't your mom but you cared about her (and me) like she was and for that I can never repay you. I am sure you were tired and worn out but you still kept thinking of me and asking me what I needed."

Mandie Wesbecker, a CT technologist in Diagnostic Imaging, resides in Ottawa and has been caring for patients for over twenty-four years.  Mandie was recognized for her role in going above and beyond for a patient and his wife.  Her nomination included, "Mandie had a patient today that came in for a test and was telling her how excited he was to go to breakfast with his wife after his test. He said they always used to go to the HiWay for breakfast but had not gone since COVID. They both received their vaccines and felt safe enough to go for their first breakfast outing together. They were so excited to be able to get back to their routine. He went into a story about how he was a veteran of the Vietnam war and lost his leg during that time. Mandie thanked him for his service but felt inclined to do something kind for him because he was such a nice patient and was so excited to be getting back out after isolating for so long. Mandie called the HiWay Restaurant and anonymously paid for the couple's breakfast as a treat for getting back out after getting their vaccines. As a shock to Mandie, the patient came back later and expressed he was grateful for the nice gesture."

Modified award ceremonies were held to celebrate each of the honorees.

"The work of our Mission Partner goes beyond providing health care to patients. They're often providing comfort, compassion, and a listening ear. I see it every day and am proud to see the Sister's Mission in action. The nominations from patients act as a great reminder that Mission Partners from all departments and roles are making a positive impact on those we serve," said Dawn Trompeter, President of OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center

If you would like to nominate a Mission Partner from OSF HealthCare for special recognition of extraordinary care, please visit osfgratefulpatient.org  



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